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UK-based producer and DJ, BinaryFunction, is no novice to the scene. After the explosion of the US rap scene in the early 80s with acts such as Break Machine, The Rock Steady Crew, and Malcolm McLaren, BinaryFunction found himself immersed in the hip hop culture of B-Boy break dancing and graffiti writing, becoming increasingly mesmerized by the art of the hip hop DJ.

Immersing himself over the next 10 years, he would become addicted to the sound of legendary artists Public Enemy, LL Cool J and Run DMC. It was also around this time that he began his vinyl collection. By the late 80’s and early 90’s a young BinaryFunction saved every penny he could and bought his first two channel mixer, a Realistic from his local Tandy Electrical store. Borrowing some old turntables he connected them up in his parent’s home on their old Hitachi HiFi. He was hooked.

At the time he was leaving secondary school and going to college, Acid House was just around the corner. BinaryFunction frequented most of the illegal warehouse raves in the Lancashire area. He was a regular at popular venues like The Haçienda, Thunderdome, the first Sankeys, The Sound Garden and much more.

Moving on from Manchester, he relocated to the island of Mauritius in 1991, where he lived for 12 years. He began producing music from 1995 onwards and took part in a DMC competition coming first. He began DJ’ing on the island of Mauritius the minute he arrived and quickly built a reputation as the first underground DJ on the island. His Acid House influences took over and he began DJing in most of the islands biggest clubs, leading him to warm up for French legend Laurent Garnier in 1998 on the neighbouring island Reunion. Since then BinaryFunction has been honing his production craft and DJing skills, waiting for the opportune moment to release his music. BinaryFunction released his debut EP ‘USER’ on London-based label Bade Records early June 2017.

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