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Der Interpret – Since Forever (Traum V176)

der interpret - since forever

Der Interpret

Der Interpret being a collaboration between Arne Schaffhausen from Extrawelt and his long time friend Marcus C. Maichel with whom he (and also Wayan Raabe) collaborated in early days under the moniker of The Delta. The release has been recorded in the Extrawelt studio and feature 3 tracks. As Arne Schaffhausen said, Marcus was a mentor to him in the beginning and it was really nice to team up with him again after so long for this special 3 track vinyl. As Arne has put it in his own words: “Marcus has told me EVERYTHING about music, when I started the project Extrawelt!”

It’s going to be a handmade, strongly limited 12″ record on Traum.

‘Since Forever’, the opening track does remind us of the early techno days. Big bold chords reminiscent of Inner City “Good Life” or any other good R&S act of that time. You’ll hear tiny climbing tones which give that certain kind of hypnotic effect and analog trippyness.

A nostalgic moment with the break that gives full attention to the chord melody and reminds us that great period of time full of euphoria that the two are sharing here with “Since Forever”.

The second track is called ‘Landfall’. It’s a sensual paraglider of a post Detroit track. Carried by a cautiously raised and lowered synth sequence, it acts as if a step beyond could cause enormous damage. The track then aviates through a cool beat which is quite Extrawelt-nesque, keeping a nice groovy balance and then gets interrupted by a loud Detroit – electro synth that cuts the track in two parts.

The “Since Forever Dub” is a spectral remix as it really shows that a mix can create something totally new. So that might be the mix for all of you who cannot relate so much to the old school idea of techno and instead seek a more atmospheric soothing dubbed out version.

Then there is Nick Dows’s remix. Nick is a core artist on Traum with his second EP released in May. He has remixed “Since Forever” in the fashion that he has kept the quietness and repetition of elements of the original and has added elements very carefully and gentle so to not twist things here too much but work rather from the inside out. He has inserting some of his “Dow progression” which is always magic. Resulting in a very smooth and cool hypnotic remix! In our humble opinion, Nick should remix all tracks being released by Traum. He is trully fenomenal.

Get a quick listen to the sneak preview of the title track:

Rating: 3,5/5
Label: Traum Schallplatten
Release date: June 2, 2014

A. Since Forever
B1. Landfall
B2. Since Forever (Dub)

1. Since Forever
2. Landfall
3. Since Forever (Dub)
4. Since Forever (Nick Dow Remix)

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