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Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda – Friend Of All That Lives

Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda

Following the success of Dominik Eulberg and Gabriel Ananda’s “The Space Between Us“, in November 2013 on Traum the duo has been in the studio to chuck out another piece of music which has again so little in common with post minimal dance music of now.

Formula to create euphoria?

Have they found their own formula to create euphoria? Some say they have based on the parameter of “live and let live”. But guess it should be and probably is the discipline to tolerate each other without restraint. And so it seems as their partnership now lasts since 2005. Resulting in „Harzer Roller“ in 2006 and later also in „Kirschplunder & Jasmin Tee Bei Gabriel“ and „Eucalypse Now!“

As Dominik has put it in his own words: “Gabriel Ananda and I are like two magnets. Either we erase each other or fit correctly. To create the synergy, we have developed a formula in which we only do what creates true joy.”

They have made the experience that by widening their musical horizons also their synergy grows. The motto is: “All is possible but there is no must!”

Friend Of All That Lives

The a-side “Owltastic” is a comical and hyped up track with distorted synths and catchy beat. See it as a tour de force of sequences and melodies that climb and climb and climb… and in the end leave you empty handed wanting for more. So you press repeat.

“Friend Of All That Lives” starts more as an introspection. It starts slow but opens up when melodies are gently lifted up and descend even more towards the end. Just like Dominik Eulberg has shown in some of his previous works of brilliance.

Albeit this is a fantastic EP which brings a feeling of joy as if you walk over wet sand near the shore. A bit muddy but great feeling.

Released by Traum Records »

Rating: 4/5
Label: Traum Schallplatten
Release date: Mar 3, 2014
Format: Digital

Track list:

  1. Owltastic
  2. Friend Of All That Lives

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