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Nick Dow

Nick Dow’s Myrrh is one great magical journey.

Nick Dow’s Myrrh is simply put, magical!

Since Nick Dow’s last EP “Pocket Harmony” a year has passed in which he has moved from Berlin back to his home ground Scotland to record new music. He never seems to fail in bringing great new work. I am a huge fan of “Pocket Harmony” as well as his previous works like the unearthly “The insect parade” from early 2014 and “Armour Plated” later that same year. i don’t know how he does it but he never fails to deliver fantastic work. Also the remixes he does are from another level. I love the style he created for himself.

Now Nick brings you the gift of “Myrrh”, a brand new 4-track EP that puts him back on the map of audacious electronic music! Not that I ever doubted he was as he has his own style which I like so much. With “Myrrh” Nick Dow created another beauty on our favorites list.

Knowing Nick Dow‘s work he is fan of reverbs and delays. The title track “Myrrh” opens with a nice deep rhythmic beat and then slowly moving on to a nice track in which some great soundscapes and melodies are woven. “Passing Wolf” is such a happy mood maker. Very vibrant, enchanting track with heavenly vocals. This one’s pure melodic sorcery. MAGICAL.

Haunting & mystical sounds on “Theseus”. Boasting a flurry of deranged sonics and sweltering sounds. This one will keep you awake.

“Smokes” starts like an old truck that doesn’t want to start. Once the engine get’s going it feel like your sucked in one spherical journey. You go round and round and round seeing a wonderful world passing by. This can be the soundtrack of great Sci-Fi movies. This one is timeless!

Nick Dow’s “Myrrh” is out on March 7 on Beatport, March 11 rest of the world.

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