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TGMS Future Stars #19: Iagö

Next up in our Future Stars series is a London-based young talent that goes by the name Iagö. A fresh talent finishing his studies in Graphic Design. One of his goals is to eventually be able to put a budget into his shows and really transform the space and create a totally unique experience for the crowd. Nothing wrong with goals like this!!

Enjoy the mix!

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Tell us about your influences in music?
During my early years as a kid, I was brought up on a lot of different genres; old school house, classical, rock. My dad was big into Moby, St. Germain, the Cafe Del Mar series, Daft Punk, the list goes on. So I guess I drew a lot of influences from him, he still sends me some great new house and techno tracks.

However, I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m influenced creatively by the music you would find me playing out, or surrounded by within the scene. It’s more of what’s around that, I’m a huge fan of Coldplay, Bon Iver, Nils Frahm, M83, The XX oh and George Fitzgerald’s new album is amazing. Steve Angello has also been someone I’ve looked up to, regardless of some music he has released.

How did you end up in the world of electronic music?
Growing up in a creative family meant I was always encompassed by music and the arts. My elder brother and dad, in particular, had always been big into music culture, which meant I was always surrounded by it.

However I guess it began when I started playing the drums and piano as a little kid, however after a few years I never felt I could take it further as a musician, so I quickly stopped that after secondary school. A year later a close friend of mine (who is a few years older than me), bought a pair of decks and a mixer. Which ended up with me continuously heading to his place and very amateurishly trying to mix a bizarre selection of records. Then at around 13, I bought a pair myself, I think I still even have that setup somewhere lying around.

What’s your preferred sound or the distinctive characteristics we can find in your music?
I’ve been trying to find my sound in production for two-three years now, but I think I’m coming to the position where I’m happy with the sound I’m producing. I’ll be releasing my first track this year which has been inspired by Prince who’s been an icon to me and many since childhood.

My sound overall will always have an aspect of emotion and happiness, and a distinctive link to the breakdown, hands up in the air feeling.

How does Iagö’s (near) future look like, music-wise?
Currently, I’m finishing off my degree in Graphic Design, so I’m into most things art and design; graphics, visuals, film. I would love to eventually be able to put a budget into my shows and really transform the space and create a totally unique experience for the crowd. Music on its own has always been my escape, but I think the environment and the atmosphere it is played in can really change the game.

And although I don’t think you’ll see me picking up a guitar anytime soon, I’m very interested in taking my sound out of being strictly “electronic”.

You live in London. What makes that place so special to you?
Recently I’ve been taking London a lot for granted. However, I think what makes it special is the diversity of the city, its constantly evolving and developing, not just in music but the creative culture as a whole.

One day I would love to return as a tourist and see London from a totally different perspective.

What can we expect from the mix you made?
With my mixes and sets, I’ll always try to portray a journey no matter if it’s one hour or six. Just like life, we go through constant ups and downs; happiness, emotion, negativity so this is what you can expect in the mix.

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