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Wolf Story

Wolf Story – The Hunter EP

Wolf Story drops The Hunter EP

The are many stories about Wolfs and hunters. Stories in which sometimes the Hunter wins, other times the Wolf. And rarely one were none of both win. Here we have a story that carefully lays out traps for all you dancers hunting for beats, hungry like wolves.

The Hunter EP surely is no walk in a flower field but rather a walk in a dark forest. Two tracks highly filled with energy presented by the Miami based duo Steve Sanx & Rico from Paris that form Wolf Story sure is a dark underground club roller.

Both producers gaining their stars and stripes as solo artists and label owners. One being the master mind behind Golden Tears and Beachside records and the other Oxygen & Bimini records. All having the support of numerous veterans in the music industry.

First track on the EP is ‘The Hunter’. A haunting synth and an underlying bass followed by upbeat percussion and an even heavier bass take care of an upbeat groover.

More thrills and even more bass laden is the second track called ‘Meat Rush’. The hunger for the power. A powerful track filled with an immense energy. Short soothing vocal samples take care of short breaks. Like a hunter patiently holds, locks target and then unleashes his weapons to catch the prey.

For those that are not afraid of the dark, dare to take a step on the dance floor and let yourself go! Be the hunter or the hunted. It’s your Wolf Story now.

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