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2 happy mood making releases you need to hear

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Often our mailbox is piling up the releases and it is hard to keep up with all that great work that is being created. So we went digging in this crate filled with deep house candy. It’s not only deep house we come across, also dark techno, tech house and other delights. Yet in this post I ‘d like to pick 2 releases for you.

LongPlay & Asha Rae’ “Caught Up”

First one comes from the independent London based RM Records stable. Bringing a superb remix package of LongPlay & Asha Rae’s original track “Caught Up”. Featuring remixes from Man Without A Clue, M.A.X and Newbie Nerdz.

It’s all about groovy bassline and sliced vocals and pure classic house on MWAC’s cut. M.A.X takes another turn and drives up the deep melodic highway for a trip to the dark side. Late night underground vibes that will take care of your high entertainment level! Italians are there to take care of the intensity. Newbie Nerd bring out some distorted punchy drums. Their version surely is a slammer! Do we see you dancing?

Mick Verma / QuestionmarQ – The M&M EP

The second releases is dropped by Mick Verma & QuestionmarQ on the fine Vision Collective imprint. This deep house release is called the M&M EP. Wondering where this name comes from? Producing while eating bags of these chocolate candies?

Both tracks differ so much we are wondering why they are on one EP. Might have worked better if they were released separately with some remixes. Anyway, this does not affect the quality of the works.

Mick Verma’s “Electrified” is an uptempo house gem with a deeper jazzy touch. Love the energy that comes out of this one. But what we loved the most it the a fun, melodic & playful tune from QuestionmarQ. “Electric Groove” is a melodic deep house happy mood maker. The simplicity of the track makes it one to play over and over again. It just turns a smile on my face when hearing it.

Various Artists – The M&M EP | MP3 & WAV Downloads |

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