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Tanzgemeinschaft | 24/04/2018

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Enjoy great talks with fantastic talents in the industry.

Interview: Dario Reimann about his debut on Pressure Traxx

24/04/2018 |

Dario Reimann’s debut album, “Dario’s Castle”, is soon to be released on Einzelkind’s Pressure Traxx label. Dario’s first solo release in several years, it is filled back to front with fantastic music and is a testament to the high quality … Read More

Label Spotlight: Al Bradley about his 3am recordings

20/04/2018 |

Running a label these days is no walk in the park. Running one over the past 15 years, well, it goes without saying that that’s a different matter entirely. One man to do exactly this with some distinction is Al … Read More

Artist Spotlight: Eli Brown

15/04/2018 |

Eli Brown: an artist of real distinction in the house world

Having emerged from the shadows of Bristol’s fabled drum and bass scene, Eli Brown has rapidly established himself as an artist of real distinction in the house world, with … Read More

Interview: Reggie Dokes

13/04/2018 |

In-depth with Reggie Dokes

Reggie Dokes is a U.S. producer really enjoying a great time of it recently. Anyone who’s followed his work for the last while will no doubt share our feeling that it’s been a long time coming. … Read More

Artist Spotlight: Matchy

21/03/2018 |

We had the opportunity to have a chat with a versatile & down to earth artists hailing from Frankfurt, Germany. Meet Matchy. He’s been storming the charts on a regular basis with dozens of significant releases over the past years … Read More

Interview: Miri Floores about her passion for music

11/03/2018 |

Miri Floores is a talented artist with a passion for techno music.

Miri Floores was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, moved to Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, where she continues to pursue her creative vision – creating music that combines … Read More

Label spotlight: Smelly Feet Records.

08/03/2018 |

Touching base with the guys from Smelly Feet Records. Crazy name, crazy dudes. Or maybe not? Smelly Feet Records is a music label designed to showcase established and upcoming talents who they recognize for their skills and creativity. The core … Read More

Interview: DR.Nojoke about & his creative process

26/02/2018 | presents two unique Dr.Nojoke tracks on a totally transparent vinyl

Transparent as light, as ideas, as music and as the world should be – no borders, but freedom and equality! The new vinyl-imprint CLIKNO is set to present Dr.Nojoke’s … Read More

Artist & label spotlight: Mique & Patch Series

17/02/2018 | | One Comment

Bologna, a hotned of creative talent

The Italian student city of Bologna is famous for a few things. Of course, spaghetti Bolognese is its most renowned creation, but it’s also been home to arguably Italy’s most fertile house and techno … Read More

Interview: Boot Slap

10/02/2018 |

Boot Slap, the coming together

Berlin-based DJ/Live act Boot Slap is the meeting of minds of two artists who were brought together by their mutual love of deep-house music. Whilst their musical collaboration was fused by this common thread, their … Read More