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Tanzgemeinschaft | 22/06/2018

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Enjoy great talks with fantastic talents in the industry.

Interview: Michel de Hey, elevates and inspires already over 3 decades

11/06/2018 |

Electronic music has always been about discovery for Michel de Hey

Taking dance floors to the next level with exciting new sounds, capturing audiences with a continuous element of surprise – innovation has invariably been the driving force here. One … Read More

Interview: Sven Sossong about We are all one

05/06/2018 |

Sven Sossong Bio & interview

Working his way up since the age of 17 as he got bitten by techno due to influences of Sven Väth and Adam Beyer. Sven Sossong really got the hang of when he became resident … Read More

Interview: Simina Grigoriu, behind the scenes

25/05/2018 |

Romanian-born, Toronto-bred Simina Grigoriu has been steadily racking up accolades during her decade-long career. Starting off as a DJ, she’s made the transition as a producer and kicked off her own label Kuukou, a home for techno forward productions, where … Read More

Label Spotlight: Petra Digital’s journey

17/05/2018 |

It’s been a while since we’ve met. But it’s always a pleasure to hook up with a person that shares the same passion for music. A long time ago we had a nice chat and now we are here to … Read More

Artist spotlight on Prismode & Solvane

01/05/2018 |

(Photo courtesy of Manuela Clemens)

This duo secured a spot in the music scene due to fantastic music and the Berlin-based club Ritter Butzke as the accelerator of their career. Prismode & Solvane are both impressive as solo artists behind … Read More

Interview: Dario Reimann about his debut on Pressure Traxx

24/04/2018 |

Dario Reimann’s debut album, “Dario’s Castle”, is soon to be released on Einzelkind’s Pressure Traxx label. Dario’s first solo release in several years, it is filled back to front with fantastic music and is a testament to the high quality … Read More

Label Spotlight: Al Bradley about his 3am recordings

20/04/2018 |

Running a label these days is no walk in the park. Running one over the past 15 years, well, it goes without saying that that’s a different matter entirely. One man to do exactly this with some distinction is Al … Read More

Artist Spotlight: Eli Brown

15/04/2018 |

Eli Brown: an artist of real distinction in the house world

Having emerged from the shadows of Bristol’s fabled drum and bass scene, Eli Brown has rapidly established himself as an artist of real distinction in the house world, with … Read More

Interview: Reggie Dokes

13/04/2018 |

In-depth with Reggie Dokes

Reggie Dokes is a U.S. producer really enjoying a great time of it recently. Anyone who’s followed his work for the last while will no doubt share our feeling that it’s been a long time coming. … Read More

Artist Spotlight: Matchy

21/03/2018 |

We had the opportunity to have a chat with a versatile & down to earth artists hailing from Frankfurt, Germany. Meet Matchy. He’s been storming the charts on a regular basis with dozens of significant releases over the past years … Read More