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Tanzgemeinschaft | 21/02/2020

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Techno | Tanzgemeinschaft

In conversation with Skylar Mills

06/01/2020 |

Feet on the ground and focus on the horizon, we had a chat with the amazing & talented Skylar Mills. She found her home at the Dutch imprint Lessismore but nonetheless leaves the future open. Answering questings during Christmas cooking … Read More

Marc Robblz in the house

04/01/2020 |

Marcos Robles, better known by his stage name Marc Robblz, is an 18-year-old producer living in Campinas (Brazil). Marc is making waves int the scene with his releases on several international labels such as Daylight Robbery, Sweets and Treats, Hood … Read More

In conversation with One Track Brain

03/12/2019 |

Jeroen de Pessemier, also known as “One Track Brain” has been, in the last few years, an important architect of the Belgian underground electronic music scene. Co-founder of the label OTB Records created in 2014, he is willing to create … Read More

Get into a rave mood with Queer on Acid

13/11/2019 |

Next up in our guest mix series ‘TGMS presents’ is Riga-based Queer on Acid. The mix is recorded to celebrate their remix of Walker & Royce’s “Fetish” which is out now on Amber Muse.

Connect with Queer on Acid on … Read More

Axel Toben in the mix

31/10/2019 |

Axel Toben is the electronic music alias behind mastermind multi-instrumentalist, Alejandro Bento. His love for electronic music grew out of the community he was a part of in the Mediterranean town of Javea, Spain. Being geographically the closest point to … Read More

Theo Schmitt’s Intoxication

19/10/2019 |

Theo Schmitt follows up his 2017 debut album with his vision of forward-thinking electronic music. His latest album “Intoxication” embraces Theo’s trademark sound and long musical history.

His deep routed techno passion is a mainstay throughout the new album “Intoxication”. … Read More

Axel Toben’s Phonosynthesis, rooted in the clarity & simplicity of techno

20/09/2019 | | One Comment

Axel Toben is the electronic music alias behind mastermind multi-instrumentalist, Alejandro Bento. With 20 years of production and composition experience under his belt, it may come as a surprise to discover that “Phonosynthesis”, his new work set to release via … Read More

Fabio Neural – Italian Techno at its finest

17/09/2019 |

This guy seems unstoppable. Fabio Neural is an Italian DJ and music producer that has personally taken his talent and used it to propel his career within the Italian and International music scenes. At the age of 17, Fabio’s passion … Read More

Christian Bonori drops a melodic bomb called Indus

15/09/2019 |

Christian Bonori was born and raised in Italy but soon conquered Europe and the rest of the world. He started out in 2000 when electronic music had already reached a proper amount of recognition all around the globe. He is … Read More

Get to know Dutch live artist, Precursor

25/08/2019 |

Forgetting all the rules and focus on the music

Some years ago, Quirijn Verhoog embarked on a musical journey through various genres and instruments. For the past 7 years, electronic music has been his playground. Over time he developed a … Read More