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A conversation with Raimond Ford
Adaptation Theory was the debut album released by Swiss techno producer UFO Over, and followed an intense period of research and experimentation with futuristic musical visions. Now under his alias Raimond Ford he has delivered fresh  and... Read Story
interview with Bodaishin
Dreamy, thought inducing electronica has long been the modus operandi of Behrouz’s always excellent Do Not Sit on The Furniture, but few artists encapsulate this vibe like Bodaishin. A fledgeling producer who sounds as though he’s been... Read Story
Africa Distinct: Zee Essential
 Happy New Year to everyone! Wishing you all an incredible year ahead. Thank you for the endless support, it never goes unnoticed.  Welcome to the first show of 2021, we’ve been a bit quiet and that’s on me.... Read Story


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We are a magazine & record label dedicated to quality underground electronic music. We do not look for just any music or anyone, we are looking for music, and people who create memorable experiences, that inspires and invokes emotion. Let’s create timeless music.