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Tanzgemeinschaft | 25/05/2019

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Nadja Lind about a decade of Lucidflow

11/05/2019 |

Lucidflow celebrates 10 years with a sublime compilation on wax

For their tenth anniversary, Lucidflow returns to physical media with a value-packed slice of wax. Klatraum and co-owner Nadja Lind feature, alongside production behemoth D. Diggler and, fresh face to … Read More

Talking music: a conversation with Ordonez

09/05/2019 |

He has a release out on the almighty house imprint Mother Recordings. The top Ecuadorian producer and DJ Ordonez is a key player and influential artist in his home nation and South America. He is associated with many great labels … Read More

In conversation with The GOAT.

09/05/2019 |

The GOAT dropping a fabulous mix

Chris Marcinkiewicz aka The GOAT is a Vancouver-based DJ and producer delivering peak-time, after-hours techno steeped in minimalism and dark, abstract textures. He has been performing throughout Canada since the mid-2000s and shared the … Read More

Africa Distinct 007: Kususa

23/04/2019 |

We back for yet another amazing show. Hope you guys enjoyed my edition to the series little while ago. (Africa Distint 006)

This week brings rise to yet another special guest feature which I am truly over the moon to … Read More

In conversation with … LOV

17/04/2019 |

LOV is a London-based female singer/songwriter who is originally from Italy. Over the last few months, she has released on such standout labels like Armada Subjekt and Superfett Records, with seemingly much more on the horizon, and her ever-growing reputation … Read More

In conversation with the Italian duo, Opposite Ways

10/04/2019 |

The Opposite Ways, Gabriele Bianchi and Gabriele Pavanati, are an Italian duo based in Milan. Only recently, in 2017 they went to the Nut Academy in Naples to widen their knowledge in the field of electronic music. A year later … Read More

Rennie Foster’s weapons of choice

03/04/2019 |

Rennie Foster has long been known as a producer with an enviously excellent consistent streak, but even by his lofty standards, the last while has yielded some truly great results. His latest releases have come at us via Moonlight Records, … Read More

A sublime XII, out on Crosstown Rebels

02/04/2019 |

A versatile duo with a clear focus

Avidus consists out of the creative duo, Fritz and Marc. Crossing path in the Kiel’s music scene.

With only a computer and old keyword, Fritz started producing his first work in the 90s’. … Read More

A word with Bryan Wolf Ear

30/03/2019 |

Indigenous, a member of Siksika Nation, DJ/producer, Bryan Wolf Ear, represents one of Montreal’s elite musical underground talents. A lifelong passion for music and dedication building his label, Strange Town Recordings, has earned him a residency at the world-renowned Salon … Read More

North South Project spices it up with a great mix

26/03/2019 |

Our next guests are a duo hailing from Germany. One from the north and one from the south of this fairly large country in Europe. North South Project is formed by Torsten and Petra (Peh). Torsten is in charge of … Read More