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Tanzgemeinschaft | 01/04/2020

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Sam Skilz: all things GaGa & fun facts

04/03/2020 |

Luxembourg DJ, Producer and GaGa Records label owner Sam Skilz is an international name in his own right. His label, GaGa Records, which sees its 100th release this month, has featured artists such as Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba, Lenny Fontana, … Read More

In conversation with North South Project

24/02/2020 |

We had a chat with the dynamic duo North South Project who will be releasing fresh work on our label pretty soon. We ought the time was right to have a talk about their drive, studio setup and what’s coming.

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In conversation with artist on the rise, Alignment

20/02/2020 |

Artist on the rise in the German techno scene surely is DJ & producer Francesco Pier aka Alignment. His moniker is found in the concept of inner orientation, a journey of the dark corners of one inner self.

This meaning … Read More

Anna Reusch talks about her childhood memories

17/02/2020 |

Determined, loving life and fiercely self-reliant, Anna Reusch is on a path of creative success, taking on the world lovingly, on her own terms.

On a typical day, Anna works in the horse stables on her farm outside of Dresden … Read More

In conversation with Matuss

14/02/2020 |

Julia Matuss made her mark by being one of the most talented and sought-after DJs in all of Ukraine. What is unique about Matuss is that unlike most female DJs; she isn’t just eye candy, she is consumed by music … Read More

In conversation with Oscar House

07/02/2020 |

Oscar House stands for cool and revolutionary sound not only in his hometown in Germany. With his first single “Elephant”, he embodies his passion for music and wants to share this with friends of Electronic Dance music. His first single … Read More

Interview: Ahmed about the Melodic Room party concept

04/02/2020 |

A new electronic music concept specialized in Melodic & Techno House genre bringing both happy & dark elements by Global & Local talents. We are talking about Melodic Room in Cairo, Egypt. A party concept not to missed when visiting … Read More

In conversation with Honeysmack

24/01/2020 |

David Haberfeld aka Honeysmack is an Australian electronic dance music producer and live artist who has been at the forefront of the Australian house and techno scene since the 1990s. A passionate artist with a fierce dedication to all things … Read More

In conversation with Tantum

07/01/2020 |

Tantum is known as a locally-acting drug with local anaesthetic and analgesic properties for pain relief. And Tantum is also a producer from Karlsruhe (Germany). His music grows of analog-synths, passionate melodies and driving beats. His new EP has just … Read More

In conversation with Skylar Mills

06/01/2020 |

Feet on the ground and focus on the horizon, we had a chat with the amazing & talented Skylar Mills. She found her home at the Dutch imprint Lessismore but nonetheless leaves the future open. Answering questings during Christmas cooking … Read More