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Bun Xapa

Africa Distinct 027 – Bun Xapa

Welcome back to another instalment of Africa Distinct, I hope you enjoyed the first edition of the year. For our 27th show, we have the first guest of the year originally from South Africa but now residing in Portugal. In my opinion, this young artist is without a doubt a rising superstar and the future of the afro-house/afro-tech scene.

From the release of his previous two EPs ’Jump!’ and ’Gas Gas Gas’ which featured his hit single ‘Amsterdam’, he has found his music gaining heavy rotation & support from the likes of Black Coffee, Laolu, Djeff, Moojo and many more leading artists in the scene. Being a regular artist on Seres Produçōes and having released on Aluku Rebels, he has also gone on to do a smashing remix for Moojo’s label – Calamar Crew Records. This followed the release of his ‘Paris’ EP on the imprint which again, gained continuous support from Moojo himself, Stephan Jolk, Cincity, Kashovski, Lilocox and many artists and DJs across the globe.

His sound is slowly but surely crossing borders and gaining traction all over the world. Whether it’s released or unreleased, his music is seen being played in the biggest clubs in the world from HÏ Ibiza, Altice Arena (Portugal), Magic Room (Hong Kong), Brooklyn Mirage, and clubs in Dubai, France, Amsterdam and New York.

He kicked off the new year with his latest single in collaboration with Portugal-based duo Studio Bros titled ‘Wangila’ which is only the start of what this bright star has installed for us in 2023.

Without further to do, we always let the music do most of the talking.

We welcome Bun Xapa to the Africa Distinct series.

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First of all, welcome to the show. It’s such an honour to have you on. Tell us a little about how your journey with electronic music started to where you are right now as an artist.

It’s an honour to be on your show. I started making music back in high school, starting with Hip Hop beats. Years passed by and then I began diving into dance music when I was a Freshman at University.

Now I am currently making music full-time and working with international collectives as well.

With raising awareness for mental health issues that artists and people go through. What are some of the challenges you face as an artist when it comes to your mental health (if any) and what are some of the ways you cope?

I mostly struggle to find sleep at night and try to force through the day at hand. This is due to anxiety, as an artist, you always think about what will happen tomorrow if your art doesn’t work for you or force yourself to finish your music even though you have a mental block.

Till today I still struggle with this issue but I try to take a break from music in general and connect more with the world.

With originally being from South Africa, tell us a little about the move to Portugal and how you managed to stick to your South African roots when it comes to your sound.

I came to Portugal to study, I had a scholarship to study Civil engineering abroad and took the opportunity. I then later found out that the Dance music scene is actually big in Europe so I decided to make my move permanent.

In terms of music, I met a few guys who do my type of music, so it was not a problem to stick to my original sound because the market is boldly gravitating towards Afro-Electronic Dance Music.

Your latest release on Seres Produções titled ‘Wangila’ together with Studio Bros – how did this collaboration come about?

I saw the guys supporting one of my songs called Jump! So I sent them a direct text on social media and they replied, we began conversing until we came to a conclusion that we should collaborate.

Tell us a little about how this relationship with Moojo was established, having him support your music as well as not only doing a remix for his label but releasing your ‘Paris’ EP on his imprint – Calamar Crew.

I have been a fan of Moojo for a while now, I got a text from one of my friends that Moojo played my song in France, and then I sent him a text as well showing my appreciation towards the support. I then began to send him some songs for promo, he liked the songs and proposed to me to produce a remix for his label and the rest is history.

What have been some of your main influences and sources of inspiration for creating & sculpting your sound?

When I started producing dance music, I always tried to imitate Boddhi Satva’s raw ancestral feel of Afro House, and then my move to Europe made me put more electronic elements into it.

And again listening to the likes of Da Capo, Enoo Napa, Black Coffee, and Moojo, these artists put more gas into my sound.

As an artist and music creator, what do you want to be remembered by and what impact do you want to leave on the world of music?

I would like to trademark my sound and branch out my own genre in the House music scene. Like Amapiano, but my own genre.

What does the rest of the year hold for Bun Xapa? – Can you let us know a little about what we can look forward to from you this year or any special announcements that we can expect?

This year I will be releasing music that defines me as an artist and I will be touring Europe beginning on the 3rd of March.

I have music coming up where I have collaborated with massive giants and massive labels, but I will keep this on the low for now.

What can we expect from the mix?

Some of my upcoming unreleased projects, and music that gravitates with my soul.

Thank you.

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