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Tanzgemeinschaft | 22/06/2018

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unsplash-logoAndrew Neel

Music = Passion

Here at Tanzgemeinschaft, we do things with passion and love. Our passion for good underground electronic music runs deep, hence the time we heavily invest in this medium with our own personal time. If it wasn’t the passion and the love we get back, we would not be here at all.

We are not thinking we are going to change the world overnight, we want to contribute and be a game changer in what music people listen to and experience.

Running an online magazine or music blog takes time. A lot of time. So we really would like to evolve and grow to become a reference for those that explore for new music, for those looking for inspiration.

You might be the one that wants to join our group of enthusiastic volunteers?

What do we have to offer?

Our volunteering contributors receive promos from various record labels on a daily base. You’ll get to listen to great music before it hits the record stores. And often keep the music and use it in mixes if you are a DJ. We also aim to get guest list access to events and festivals worldwide. In addition to these benefits, it is an excellent way to start building or increase your network within the electronic music scene. In other words, we’ll give you the platform, you create the content and improve your writing skills and work on your online presence. On top, you will get to know and meet great people.

What and who are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated writers, photographers and all sorts of creative personalities who are interested in delivering exciting content for our readers. No need to be a professional, passion brings us a long way. And we don’t expect long hours, you spend as much time as you like but with enough to deliver within a reasonable timeframe. In the end, it’s your free time that is precious and valuable.

Besides electronic music, we are open to topics like fashion, travel and art as well. Are you the kind of person we are looking for? Don’t wait and fill out the form below.

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