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Vini Pistori

TGMS presents Vini Pistori

In the Brazilian Indie Dance and Melodic House scene, Vini Pistori is one of the stand-out names. With 17 years of career, the DJ and producer has established himself through an authentic and consistent sound identity. Reaching labels such as Monaberry, Moodmusic, Calypso Records, Connected, Mumbai, Nebula Sounds, Paradiso Records among others.

Last year, the artist took his name further, embarking on a European tour that passed through clubs in Portugal, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Greece. In productions, it was also a prolific year. In all, Vini Pistori released over five EPs, as well as a few singles on labels such as Dantze, Moodmusic, Secret Fusion, Metrica, Internasjonal, Atmosphere Records, Glory Hill Studios, and more. 

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To learn a little more about the music and history of this future star, we invited him for an interview and deliver a guest mix. Enjoy!  

Hello, Vini! Welcome. You are from São Paulo, right? A big dance music hub in the country. Tell us a bit about how this influenced your musical path?

Hello! Thank you for the invitation. Yes, I am from São Paulo, I live here since I was born.

To be honest I don’t really like the city for the chaos and rush that it is, I prefer a calmer pace, even though I am very “accelerated” lol, maybe because of that. But living here allowed me to be inserted since the beginning of the national electronic music, because here was the stage of great festivals like Skol Beats, Heineken Thirst, among others, that brought the great names of electronic music to the country. All of this in the time when the access to music was very restricted, because there was no internet (or it was very limited), and most of the music was available in vinyl or cd compilations.

Now talking about history. How did you start in electronic music and what were your main inspirations to start this journey?

We can say that I started when I was 11 years old when I discovered drum’n’bass, which awakened my desire to be a DJ and producer. Seeing names like Dj Marky, Patife and Andy that were the precursors of the movement and also the beginning of the boom of national electronic music with international visibility.

After that, it was at SkolBeats 2003 that I discovered other musical styles. More precisely in 2005 after watching Sasha & Digweed’s playing back to back, after which I decided that it was that style that I wanted to play.

When it comes to the best moments, what would you say are the highlights of these many years of your career? 

There are many incredible moments and performances that I have experienced, but my last tour in Europe was incredible. Because of the reception from the bookers, saying that they already knew me from the productions, as for the public always receptive, warm, and not wanting to leave the parties lol.

Today you are well known for Indie Dance in your country. How did this appreciation for the style come about and how would you define your sound identity nowadays? 

I don’t know if it’s actually like that, but I believe it’s because I was one of the first to produce and release some songs with more sequenced bass lines and some elements that refer to the 80s. I never tried to fix myself to a specific style, neither in the productions nor playing.

If I were to define my sound, I believe we could say that it’s a house with melodies, in your different sides, because House Music has several aspects and my sound is not too serious and “straight” to be associated with techno. I prefer not to label it, I believe that good music has no labels.

About the mix you recorded for us, what will we hear after the play?

I always try to tell a story through every mix I make, and this time won’t be any different. You will find a ride with a beginning, middle and end within the sound lines that I like and believe define me.

What have you been listening to lately? A favourite track of the moment? 

I listen to a lot of things besides electronic music. In my car, I listen a lot to Alfa Mist, Yussef Kamaal, Bonobo, Toro y Moi, Fontanarosa and classical music.

How do you imagine your future in the electronic music market?

I imagine conquering my space and being remembered for my music and performances. I have been working towards this and I believe that in due time I will collect the rewards.

Any news about future works that you can already tell us? Thank you! 

For now, I can only say that I have some EPs in major labels for 2023. I am very happy with this news and what I can say is: keep an eye out for me. 

Thanks again for the opportunity.

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