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Aniket Prahbu

Aniket Prahbu’s Once We Move One embarks you on a profound journey through the realms of deep melodic house

In the vibrant heart of the Indian electronic music scene, Aniket Prabhu emerges as a sonic storyteller, weaving tales of introspection and movement. “Once We Move On” is a testament to his mastery, a release that transcends boundaries, inviting the listener to embark on a profound journey through the realms of deep melodic house and techno.

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The title track, “Charlie Calling,” sets the stage with its ethereal melodies and pulsating beats. Aniket Prabhu effortlessly guides us through an introspective odyssey, where each note is a step forward, and each rhythm is a heartbeat echoing the passage of time. It’s a sonic landscape that resonates with the universal experience of growth and transformation.

Following this, Aniket Prabhu presents “Anna Wants To Know,” a mesmerizing composition that captures the essence of a perpetual dance between light and shadow. The melodic motifs intertwine with intricate rhythms, creating a sonic tapestry that lingers in the soul long after the music fades. It’s a testament to the timeless allure of deep melodic house.

Diving into remix duties, the Brazilian duo Ale F & Kari Bazzo take on “Charlie Calling” and reimagine it with their distinctive touch. Hailing from the vibrant electronic music scene of Brazil, Ale F & Kari Bazzo infuse the remix with the rhythmic energy and infectious groove that characterize their sound. “Charlie Calling” becomes a sonic conversation, a dialogue between the artists, and a testament to the collaborative spirit within the global electronic music community.

“Once We Move On” is not just a collection of tracks; it’s an odyssey through soundscapes that mirror the complexity of the human experience. Aniket Prabhu, with the support of the Brazilian duo Ale F & Kari Bazzo, invites you to embrace the beauty of change, the rhythm of life, and the transformative power of music.

So, let the beats guide your movement, let the melodies touch your soul, and join Aniket Prabhu on a voyage where, “Once We Move On,” the music remains.

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