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Andy De Gage - Dancing Queen

Andy De Gage’ unleashes his Dancing Queen

We are thrilled to welcome back the talented Andy De Gage’ on our label with his latest offering, “Dancing Queen.” Despite what the title might suggest, this track shares no connection with the iconic ABBA song, instead charting its own course through the vibrant landscape of melodic house & techno.

“Dancing Queen” embodies the essence of what Andy De Gage’ does best—crafting tracks that are both deeply emotive and irresistibly danceable. The track unfolds with a series of lush, intricate melodies and a driving bassline that beckons listeners onto the dance floor. It’s a piece that resonates with the soulful depth and rhythmic complexity fans have come to expect from Andy, designed not just to be heard but experienced.

Enhancing this release, the skilled duo Pedro Mercado & Karada join forces and contribute with a remix, both adding a unique flavour while honouring the original’s spirit. Their interpretations infuse “Dancing Queen” with new layers of sonic texture, elevating the track with their distinctive approach to melodic house and techno.

Andy De Gage’ – Dancing Queen (incl. Pedro Mercado & Karada Remix) is available via

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