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code:rose - Don't Go featuring Bryant Powell. A captivating deep house release.

code:rose – Don’t Go feat. Bryant Powell. Lose yourself in the rhythm, just dance.

The Tanzgemeinzchaft sublabel, Warn The Neighbors, proudly presents “Don’t Go,” an evocative deep house release from the talented code:rose, featuring the captivating vocals of Bryant Powell. This track is poised to resonate deeply with a broad audience of deep house enthusiasts, offering an immersive experience that is both soulful and stirring.

“Don’t Go” tells a poignant tale of longing and the complexities of holding onto fading love. The lyrics capture the essence of these emotions, weaving them seamlessly into the vibrant, dynamic framework of the track. The emotional depth of the music mirrors the intensity of the narrative, providing a listening experience that moves the spirit as much as it stirs the body. As the beats pulse and the melodies intertwine, listeners are invited to lose themselves in the rhythm and dance the night away.

Warn The Neighbors emerged from a desire to give a platform to exceptional music that doesn’t quite fit under the melodic and progressive umbrella of Tanzgemeinzchaft’s primary focus. With great passion and dedication, this sublabel curates a collection of organic, deep, and soulful Afro house tracks, showcasing the immense talent of artists from around the world. “Don’t Go” is a shining example of this commitment to excellence, blending rich, emotive vocals with masterful production to create a track that is both timeless and contemporary.

Listeners can look forward to more gems from Warn The Neighbors, as the sublabel continues to explore and celebrate the diverse sounds of deep house and Afro house. Stay tuned for future releases, and in the meantime, immerse yourself in the enchanting soundscape of “Don’t Go.” This release promises to be a memorable addition to any deep house lover’s collection, offering a profound and moving musical journey. Enjoy the dance and let the music take you away.

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