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Spanish talent, Kloos

Kloos releases impressive ‘Different Lives’

Tanzgemeinschaft Records is thrilled to unveil “Different Lives” by Kloos, a tribute to his versatility and depth as a producer. His track, “Different Lives,” embodies the essence of melodic techno with its rich, groovy rhythms and beautiful melodies. Kloos surely is a master in his art.

Adding a vibrant layer to the EP, Till Antonio steps in with a progressive house remix of “Different Lives,” ingeniously reinterpreting the original. His remix injects an uplifting energy into the track, showcasing his talent for blending genres and creating a sound that is both fresh and familiar.

This collaboration between Kloos and Till Antonio exemplifies the dynamic synergy possible when artists merge their unique perspectives, enriching the original work while maintaining its emotional core.

Kloos – Different Lives (incl. Till Antonio Remix) is out via Tanzgemeinschaft Records.

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