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Double Drop

Africa Distinct 029 – Double Drop

Welcome back to our new instalment of the show. We are back with a special guest to deliver the 29th edition of Africa Distinct. Hailing from Maputo, Mozambique, this rising star has been making waves, not only in his hometown and country but also spreading his sound into South Africa and the world. He is the founder of ‘Xibalo’ a Mozambican record label as well as ‘OKHALA’ which is an electronic music showcase based in his country.

This artist has released a stellar catalogue of records from his single with SANDHAUS that received a massive remix by Eran Hersh gaining support from the likes of Brazilian superstar Maz as well as finding himself having a feature on the esteemed Mixmag Brazil magazine earlier this year for his record ‘Roupa Interior’. He has now gone on to recently releasing his debut album titled – ‘The First and The Last’ – a beautiful eleven-track album that gives the listener a dynamic and emotive experience which also showcases his versatility as a musician. He has crafted an album that represents a culmination of his past experiences and a starting point for new creative endeavours.

Without further to do, we always let the music do most of the talking. We welcome Double Drop to the Africa Distinct series.

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Let’s get it started. First of all, welcome to the show. It is such a pleasure to have you on. Let’s start off with where this beautiful journey with electronic music began?

 Thank you so much for having me. In 2006, I started this adventure making RNB and Hip Hop. It was in 2015 that I released my First House piece, titled “Riddick”.

In continuing to raise more awareness for mental health issues that artists go through, what have been some of your battles in this path of music & being an artist that you’ve faced and what are some of the coping mechanisms you do to protect and maintain a healthy mental state?

I can say that anxiety is something that haunts me since I started this artistic life, until today, in its subtle way, it tests me in different ways. My defence mechanism is the notion of control, I always prefer to focus on the things I can control, it’s a difficult exercise.

With your record label – Xibalo being the home for your debut album, tell us a little about the label and how it formed?

At Xibalo, the first objective was to project Mozambican artists who express themselves in a unique way, showing that in Mozambique there is potential in terms of electronic music production focused on dancing African rhythms. Today we are looking at a more global vision of what our tastes are, and we are doing exchanges and collaborations with artists from all over the world.

Congratulations on your debut album. Tell us about how this project came together as well as the concept and story you tell of “The First and The Last”?

Actually “The First and The Last” is just part of a musical trilogy of mine. Basically, this album relies on One philosophical term “The First and The Last”, this term refers to the idea that everything has a beginning and an end, and that these two points are intimately connected. In other words, the end of one thing is often the beginning of something else.


What was the process like in writing your debut album compared to other projects you have worked on?

I’ve always wanted to release an album. I started composing this album in 2014, at the time I didn’t really know what genre of music I would share my art in, so I kept part of this album in storage for a long time, I waited for the ideal moment in my point of view, in what concerns my happiness with the quality of my material.

In collaborating with artists from different corners of the globe and showcasing a very ‘cross-cultural exchange’ on the album, was that done intentionally and if so what was the reason behind this?

 I really believe in sharing things, especially cultural sharing, for that reason I have many collaborations on the album, with contributions from artists hailing from Russia (Katya Olszewska), Mozambique (Kvpitao, Freddy da Stupid, Sky White, Shakira Aly, and Lukie ), Portugal (40D) and South Africa (Tsimo, Lubello).

What can we expect from Double Drop’s sound for the rest of the year moving from the concept of the album – where one thing ends, another begins? Is this a dive into somewhere new sonically?

Clearly. Speaking of endings and beginnings at the same time is a bit crazy. The proof of this profound connection between the end and the beginning is that this album is the announcement of my next album to be released this year, also part of the “Memories of Your Future” trilogy, which in sound terms is a blend of what I presented in “The First and The Last”, ancient and futuristic sounds.

Let us know what we can look forward to coming out of your label – Xibalo?

 At the moment we are preparing magnificent releases, I can highlight the albums by Ritmick Hram and Sky White (Mozambique), the EP by KIII RODRÍGUEZ and BLACKMOON (Mexico), and singles by LUCKYXLUKO (South Africa), Kayo (Mozambique) and more.

Tell us a little about the concept you started – OKHALA – a Mozambique electronic music showcase. How did that come about and what is your vision for this project in showcasing electronic music not only to your country but to the world?

“OKHALA” has several meanings in the local languages of Mozambique, one of which is “continue to live”. So I assembled artists that I consider to continue Mozambican culture within electronic music, namely NAVAA, Sky White, Freddy da Stupid, Beatkeepa, Kayo, and Makwiz. The vision behind OKHALA is to project our art at national and international levels, in performative terms.

How has the electronic music scene been in your home country – Mozambique? Has there been any battles in spreading your sound and what are some things you’d like either to change or would like the world to know about the music and artists coming out of the country? 

The electronic scene in Mozambique is very young, but full of talented young people who want to make things happen.

In Mozambique, unfortunately, there are very few venues that openly welcome electronic rhythms, but fortunately, Mozambique is a multicultural country, and this allows us to promote our art independently, which in a way gives it a different and even cooler taste, because we know that the success depends on us.

Any other exciting news you’d like to share with us that we can look forward to from Double Drop? 

My 2nd album “Memories of Your Future”

Lastly, what can we expect from the mix?

Five unreleased songs made by me, three other exclusives (Ritmicki Harm, Sky White and LUCKYXLUKO and part of Xibalo Catalog). I hope you all like it.


  • Double Drop, Lukie – Macua
  • Double Drop, Wazimbex – Fall (Unreleased)
  • Double Drop, Blak Trash – Dreams and Nightmares (Unreleased)
  • LUCKYXLUKO feat. Sam Ho – Moments (Unreleased)
  • Roseane Santos, Luciano Faccini – Hoje (Double Drop Remix) (Unreleased)
  • Ritmicki Hram – Lo Horizonte (Unreleased)
  • Double Drop, BRUNN, Denise Virgo – Like This (Unreleased)
  • Ritmicki Hram, Sky White, Double Drop – Ainda Falta O Domigo
  • Double Drop, 40D, Tsimo – Owam
  • Natema, Double Drop feat. Edson Denizard – Menina Baiana (Unreleased)
  • Sky White – Who Do You Think You Are (Unreleased)
  • The Hood Brodz ft Dona Saquia-Xinene
  • Double Drop, Freddy da Stupid – The First

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