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Soiree Records label owner, Drivetrain.

Drivetrain releases Hyperlock via Soiree Records

Derrick Thompson, founder of Soiree Records International; a Detroit-based electronic music label with a primary focus on underground, intelligent, rhythm science ranging from house, techno, down-tempo, experimental and beyond. Soiree Records has not only provided an outlet for Thompson to release his own Drivetrain material but has also become a musical launch pad for artists around the globe.

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Hi Derrick, thanks for joining us today. Can you tell us about the concept behind the compilation “Everland” and how the idea included various artists under one project?

Each track on the EP has a timeless aura. An ambience that takes the listener to a very tranquil space, whether listening in private or on the dance floor. The infectious rhythm and melodies transport us to a place I’d like to call Everland.

Your track “Hyperlock” is one of the standout pieces on the compilation. What was the inspiration behind this track, and how does it fit into the overall context of “Everland”?

The other three tracks on the EP are narcotic and deep; great for the dance floor as well. Without losing these elements, Hyperlock is more deliberate in its appeal to the dance floor. Therefore, it rounds out this EP perfectly.

Soiree Records International has always supported both emerging and veteran artists. How do you select the artists and tracks to include in your releases?

I do not concern myself so much with names but with the content of the tracks. The releases on Soiree Records can be very diverse in style, but the musical essence has been consistent. I listen for quality in sound, originality and character in production.

As a veteran of the Detroit music scene, how do you see the evolution of electronic music in your city, and what are the main challenges and opportunities for new artists?

The underground electronic music community continues to move forward and evolve with plenty of new artists who constantly push the envelope further. Detroit’s rich legacy is in good hands and will not disappoint. The challenge is keeping the integrity of the music a priority as the sea of imposters and perpetrators continues to grow. We want to keep the sound of true authentic music alive and available to hear and enjoy, and that is becoming more and more difficult.

Your experience as a DJ and producer gives you a unique perspective on music. How do you balance these two roles, and how do they influence your vision as a label boss?

I view my role as one with a small degree of influence to impact the music community that I support. By creating music, distributing it around the world through my label on vinyl, digital and streaming formats, and then presenting it to a multitude of people as a DJ, I feel it’s my responsibility not only to myself but also to the artists that I represent and the people listening, that I deliver pure, legitimate underground music that reflects my roots and beliefs. This is a privilege that I am honoured to see through.

Is there an emerging artist or sound that has particularly impressed you recently? And which of those you think will have a significant impact on the electronic music scene?

Science continues to unlock new ways to create sound and production. As these new technologies continue to unfold, I look forward to unimaginable experimentation and witnessing the concepts of other artists.

Finally, what are your plans for Soiree Records International? And what can we expect from you both as Drivetrain and as the label leader?

You can expect more of what we call, “deep, intelligent, late-night, body music.” There are over 100 different artists who have recorded on Soiree Records. Our crates run deep and there’s no stopping now!

Soiree Records’ Everland is out now, containing Drivetrain’s Hyperlock

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