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Bervon, an ambitious Brazilian techno talent on the rise.

5 reasons and 5 tunes that make you willing to meet Bervon in Europe.

He’s been an active member of the Latin American scene and will be touring internationally in the next few months 

Although the European continent has just begun to “rest” from the intensity and vastness of activities of the summer and the festival season, it’s time to head back to the clubs and discover more sounds from artists that have been catching the attention of the scene. One of these artists is Bervon, a relevant exponent of electronic music in Brazil who relies on the accented sounds of Techno to stir up the audience.

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As he prepares to impact Europe and clubbers from cities like Lisbon, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and Madrid — and also a special gig in Universo Paralello, in Brazil, at the end of the year — we show you some of his productions and explain why this young DJ and producer has created a solid space in his country.

Sassy musical identity 

Bervon created for his artistic concept a powerful musical egregore that can glue together nuances like Acid, Psytrance, Industrial, Drum N’ Bass and many others. Such quality led him to labels such as Egothermia Records, Ballroom Black, Noise Music, Cartel Recordings, Soundscape OFF, Hotstage Records.

Active voice on healing the world

Bervon has an active voice in charitable projects, especially the Solidarity Electronic Music project (“Música Eletrônica Solidária”, in Portuguese), a festival that brings together Techno names to generate donations to charities, following goals such as recovering drug addicts, defending vulnerable women and alleviating hunger.

Cultural agitator beyond the decks

Bervon participates in the events industry backstage, being one of those responsible for Overdrive_72. The event, which takes place in some main cities in Brazil, especially in his hometown of Curitiba, puts together Bervon’s love for audiovisual technology, games and Techno.

Member of D.Agency 

Belonging to the same group that runs the acclaimed club D-Edge, Bervon is part of the select cast of D.Agency. This agency is responsible for other internationally renowned talents such as Binaryh, BLANCAh and Renato Ratier.

DJ being invited to key events

Bervon has shown great connection with Techno clubbers, having been invited to participate in some of the main Brazilian festivals, such as Carnavibe and Adhana Festival, in addition to being present in clubs such as D-Edge, Surreal Park & Club Vibe.

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