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Africa Distinct 002: Kostakis

Welcome back to the second instalment of Africa Distinct. Today’s show brings light to our very first guest feature.

With releases already on Get Physical Music and Katermukke the guest this week needs no introduction in the South African music scene. As one half of the iconic Pop/Electro/Ghetto Tech duo Crazy White Boy and formerly part of the Tech House trio Strange Loving, Kostakis now dives into his solo career with releases on Katermukke, Poesie Musik and a stellar remix to be released on Bantwanas Kollektiv already under his belt. He proves time and time again that he is here to leave his mark in the Electronic Music scene.

For 002 – he delivers a beautiful mix filled with some of his own work both released and unreleased. Sit back and enjoy!

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01. Rinzen – Temple – Chapter 24 Records
02. Daniele Di Martino & Sascha Cawa – Homage – Rural Records
03. Elax – Reaktor – Diynamic
04. Kostakis – Unreleased
05. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – Feedback Loop (Serge Devant Remix) – Crosstown Rebels
06. Cherry – Without You (Kostakis Remix) – POESIE MUSIC
07. Will Easton – 18 Month Free Trial (Original Mix) – W&O Street
08. Matthias Schnell – Scarabaus (Niconé Remix) – Dantze
09. Kellerkind – Decatune – Hive Audio
10. Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby (Kostakis & Strange Loving Remix) – Katermukke
11. Claptone ft. Zola Blood – Birdsong (Eagles & Butterflies Remix) – Different

Kostakis talks about his solo work

Since leaving Strange Loving what does 2019 hold for Kostakis?
Iv had some records on the backburner and honoured to have them polished and coming out soon on labels namely Chapter 24, Get Physical, Bantwanas Kollektiv and a remix for Swoon a new imprint from Ryan Murgatryod. This year is all about building as much content as I can and experimenting with sounds to build my own palate.

What sound can we expect from your solo work?
The only way to describe it would be, happy accidents. My records will be a mix of analog gear and plenty of sampling. I love sampling taking bits of other sounds and or records and reworking them into something totally unrecognizable and fresh.

What have been the main influences that got you started with electronic music?
The progressive house movement and the music itself. It all began from friends and just pure clubbing and enjoying where the scene took us.

Your take on the underground/electronic music scene here in South Africa and how our sound has travelled all over the world?
This is a tricky one as people don’t really understand how much music is being made in South Africa. Its the one thing that can be expressed with little tools but a large imagination. We are blessed to have ever single producer worldwide sample from our drums, melodies, vocals and culture. We have even achieved our own sub-genre on Beatport, Afro House.

In your opinion what has been the breakthrough for you to take a step back from your group projects and finally show the world what Kostakis is all about?
I think group projects allow you to hide behind them. You really need to be ready to go solo. I’m still not confident and in the space of 24 hours emotions can go from I am Hanz Zimmer reborn to what is this garbage, I’m just no good…. its the constant battle which keeps me going. The only way I knew it was time for me was from the support gained from some of my idols. If they can play my music then I am getting close!

Which up and coming artist are making waves in the scene that you would want to work with?
I’m a huge fan of Few Nolder and we have spoken about working together. There also may be a collab with Kususa, an Afro House artist from South Africa getting huge support from Black Coffee. Having said all this my entire life has been about the collab so after these I would like to concentrate on originals!

What can we expect from the mix?
The mix is actually a credit to the original progressive type mixes of James Zambiela and early Radio One Style Mixes. When it wasn’t so much mixing it was seeing a mix as a production. I did the mix in Ableton live and produced it like I would a record. Take an empty canvas and rework tracks with my own melodies, subliminal messages, vocals and little bits from films etc…. Every record will not sound like it actually is in reality 

What is your absolute favourite track at the moment?
I am an absolute prude when it comes to music, I’m fussy but I also am very open. It would have to be something not even housey! Little Dragon – Twice.

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