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South-Africa based DJ & producer duo, Kususa

Africa Distinct 007: Kususa

We back for yet another amazing show. Hope you guys enjoyed my edition to the series little while ago. (Africa Distint 006)

This week brings rise to yet another special guest feature which I am truly over the moon to announce!
These guys are having quite a busy year so far and I am truly honoured to have them on the show for 007.

Africa Distinct with the dynamic electronic music duo known as Kususa

Hailing from the mighty Durban Kwa-Zulu Natal, I welcome the dynamic electronic music duo known as Kususa – consisting of Kunzima Theology (Joshua Sokweba) and Samurai Yasusa (Mncedi Tshicila). These guys have been making waves not only here in South Africa and Africa, but all over the world with their signature ‘bike’ sounding synth basses and rhythmic drums filling up dance floors worldwide!

Having released on a number of local and international labels, the magic duo continues to gain immense support from industry heavyweights. Their music has been included on a number of times in Black Coffee’s sets as well as other industry giants such as Luciano, Sam Divine and DJEFF just to name a few.

Being one of the hottest acts right now coming out of South Africa, there is no wonder why the world can’t get enough of Kususa. Having just released and mixed Africa Gets Physical vol 2 out on Get Physical Music, they continue to deliver the world with more music with their latest remixes for international artists Carta & Ares Carter just out, followed by another remix for vocalist Zhao who featured on Karyendasoul & Black Coffee’s hit ‘Any Other Way’ coming next month!

They’ve served us a world-class guest feature for 007 which features some unreleased material from themselves, as well as other South African talents such as Argento Dust, Karyendasoul and XtetiQsoul.

Ladies and gents … Kususa!

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Touching base with this magic duo

How did this amazing partnership form?
We met back in 2015 at a gig outside Durban – Pinetown. It was an instant click and we started sharing project ideas for collaborations. Then in 2016 formalized it as KUSUSA!

Tell us a little about your relationship with Black Coffee? You guys continue to get such great support from him.
Black Coffee is like a mentor to us, we privileged to have our tunes on his esteemed DJ sets.

As Black Coffee starts his residency at Hï Ibiza, can we expect you guys on the line-up for this season? (That’s if you can mention anything haha)
Haha, time will tell.

What have been the main influences that got you guys started with your signature ‘Bike’ sound?
Individually we listen to various music genres, which cut from Maskanda to Contemporary or hard Techno to Electronic Dance Music. Having diverse ears to our production has been our main key in identifying and moulding a signature sound – dubbed, “Bike Sound”.

Having diverse ears to our production has been our main key in identifying and moulding a signature sound – dubbed, “Bike Sound”.

In a recent interview you guys did with Redbull, you mentioned staying true to yourself and your story. How have you guys stayed true to yourselves and your story despite everything that life and this industry throws your way.
Knowing where we coming from, that’s motivation enough for us.

Knowing the sound that your hometown Durban is infamous for, what made you guys go onto a different route with your music?
We always had a to-go-to sound – “Tech House”, now the trick was to make it 100% authentic us. We started incorporating what we found appealing, that led us on an astray route of what our peers or “Durban” were doing.

You guys did an amazing remix for Carta & Ares Carter together with Argento Dust, who also features in your track ‘Incwadi Encane’. Tell us a little about your relationship with Dust? There is clearly a lot of synergy between you guys when you get into the studio.
Argento Dust is a Dance Music “god”, we enjoy hitting the studio with him as his ideas are forever beyond our time and constantly challenging. There is mutual respect between the two brands which also makes for a pleasant working environment.

Which up and coming artist are making waves in the scene that you would want to work with?
At this moment actually, there is none.

What can we expect from the mix?
We created a journey mix, easy on the ear. Included some of our favourite tracks at the moment and few promos from our friends – Argento Dust, Karyendasoul, Candy Man and Xtetiqsoul plus a premiere of our new single “Incwadi Encane” dropping on Sudam Music this coming Northern Summer.

What is your absolute favourite track at the moment?
Something a year old, but does wonders on sets: Imperieux – Aritmetika (Original Mix)

Thank you!!

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