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The Cavemen

Africa Distinct 013: The Cavemen

Welcome back to Africa Distinct. It’s been an incredible year of guests on the show and 013 brings way for our final guest for 2019. I introduce to you one of my favourite duos on the scene who I’m fortunate enough to call dear friends. They have been making waves this year by releasing, in my opinion, one of the hottest records of the year off their Tied EP which just released on Ambious Records.

The dynamic duo has been paving the way for the future of the underground electronic music scene here in South Africa. They deliver a world-class mix for 013 of Africa Distinct.

As per usual I’ll just let the music speak for itself! I’m proud to present to you: The Cavemen.

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To to kick things off, where did it all begin for you guys? How did The Cavemen form?
Well, it all started three and a half years ago when we played each other our favourite tracks and we decided to get into the studio together and make some magic.

Where did the name come about?
It’s quite a funny story. We were in the studio for about 2 days straight when my mom walked into the darkroom and said the studio looked like a cave, then when it came down to naming our first tune we decided to call ourselves The Cavemen.

You guys recently released an incredible EP on South Africa’s Ambious Records. Tell us a little about the release and how it came about?
The EP started out as quite a creative struggle. We had many different versions before the final products, but each song has its own influences and is very different from each other which makes the EP very special to us. We are very happy to have it signed through Ambious Records which are making major waves in the electronic music scene in South Africa. Great support comes from the likes of Sides, Marsh, Ryan Murgatroyd, Blanka Mazimela and Zee Essential to name a few.

What’s in store for The Cavemen in the upcoming new year?
For the next year we have some exciting releases and shows lined up. You can follow our where abouts on our social media pages.

Listening to your sets, you guys always fill up a room with a very distinct but hard sound. Can we expect some harder material from you guys in 2020?
We have been focusing on a more progressive sound and we want to continue focusing our production to create a similar sound to the artists we are inspired by.

Any exclusive projects in the pipeline that you can mention to us?
There are a few projects in the works that we can’t mention but we have been collaborating with some very talented artists such as Cornelius, Zee Essential and Sebastiano to name a few.

Is there any up and coming artists on your radar that you’d like to work with?
Currently, we are working with a couple of up and comers in the scene, so we’re just trying to focus on getting these collabs to finished products.

Has there been any difficulties you guys have faced as a duo?
Everything has ups and downs, initially, we have struggled to make enough time for sessions to finish our production but all good things come in good time.

Can you describe what brings your synergy as a duo?
For sure the very similar tastes in sound we are having. And us being best friends as well as business partners has really helped us grow.

Current favourite record at the moment?
Seeb – Breath (ArchAngel Edit)

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