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Jordan Arts playing live

Africa Distinct 017 – Jordan Arts

Welcome back to Africa Distinct!

I know it’s been a while since we’ve had a new show but during this time I’ve needed to undergo a lot of growth, transformation and introspection, as well as needing to spend time sculpting my sound in studio. I hope everyone has been well and safe.

I’m super excited to be back with you all and to make up for my absence I have a special live performance for you by an incredible artist and dear friend hailing from our shores.

He has already graced our show as part of his duo alias – The Cavemen, but this time round I have the honour of having him on his solo journey as well!

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer Jordan Arts brings his own personal touch to a new wave of electronic music. By incorporating live instrumentation together with his electronic influence, Jordan Arts strives to bring a new sound to a new age of music.

Despite everything happening around the world, he has stuck to his art and has proved to be hard at work releasing his ‘Something New’ EP earlier on this year and shortly after dropping his new single ‘Energy’. He has also shot a few live performances for his releases as well as a performance for South African based label – Swoon Records.

Whether it comes to his voice, guitar, piano or even the saxophone, Jordan Arts is definitely a force to be reckoned with and it’s only a matter of time before the world embraces this new wave of talent.

He’s given us a steller live mix for his guest feature and as per usual I’ll let the music do all the talking.

Ladies & Gents – Jordan Arts.

Love & Peace,


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First of all congratulations on the new release – “Energy”. Let’s start off by telling us more about your solo path as Jordan Arts?

Thank you so much for having me. The path I see for my solo career is combining live Instruments with electronic music. The interaction of a live performance with the feeling of a DJ set is what I want to achieve with my music and future shows.

With being part of an incredible duo as well, how do you find balance between the two?

I love different styles of music and I want to be able to express myself in different ways, so I enjoy creating a different sound with my other duo and have the time to do both.

As other countries of the world slowly open up their restrictions, how has the lockdown back home in South Africa been for you and what has its mental effect been like in the process of writing new music?

I really miss playing shows and being able to interact with a crowd, but having all this extra time has made me work harder on developing my sound and given me more time to focus on my production.

After releasing your “Something New” EP and now following up with your latest release ‘Energy’ how has the process been doing this independently?

Releasing independently has been a real learning curve for me and can be challenging at times but being part of every aspect of the release is very rewarding.

When shows start coming back, what can we expect from Jordan Arts for your live setup and performance?

My live setup will be an integration of electronic music and live instruments including guitar, saxophone, keys and vocals.

What has been your greatest inspiration and drive that got you started in all of this and that keeps you going?

When I was 7 years old my grandfather passed away and left me all of his musical instruments and equipment. This inspired me to learn and sparked my passion for music.

I personally find you a great storyteller when it comes to your lyrics. Tell us a little about your process in writing and what inspires some of the stories you tell?

I usually start my songwriting process in my room with my acoustic guitar and a piece of paper. This puts me in a space where I feel free to write about anything and express what I’m feeling. Once I have a solid foundation for a song, I take it into the studio and add each layer one by one.

Is there anything on the radar that we can look forward to following this new release?

I have a new single that’s in the mastering process right now, so keep an eye out for the new release 😉 Also a new live video performance of my latest release “Energy” out now!

How has the process and journey been in shaping your own sound as Jordan Arts?

It has been challenging trying to involve instruments into an electronic sound as the instruments don’t always fit the way I want them to, so it’s all about being creative and finding balance between the two.

Being a musician, what is one of the  things you’d want to be known for or remembered by in the world of music if you had to look back at your career one day?

I want to be known for doing something that no one has ever done before and create timeless music that people will enjoy listening to 50 years from now.

Lastly, what can we expect from the mix?

The mix was performed as if I was doing a live show including live vocals, saxophone and guitar integrated with other productions that inspires me.

Thank you.

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