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Africa Distinct: Zee Essential

Africa Distinct 019: Zee Essential

 Happy New Year to everyone! Wishing you all an incredible year ahead. Thank you for the endless support, it never goes unnoticed. 

Welcome to the first show of 2021, we’ve been a bit quiet and that’s on me. I’ve been deep in the cave finishing off my debut EP and to make up for it, we kickstarting Africa Distinct with a bit of a heavy hitter in reminiscent of those late nights on the dance floor that we can look forward to. 

On our 19th edition of Africa Distinct, I dwell a little more into my techno side which also features one of the records from my upcoming EP. This is a very low-end hitting show and I definitely recommend you listening to it on a system if possible to fully embody the experience. 

Enjoy the ride with me!

Stay safe,

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