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Guest mix by Sytec

Africa Distinct 022: Sytec

Welcome back to a new instalment of the show. We return with our very first guest of the year, Sytec, hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. This DJ and Producer have been making his mark in the Cape Town electronic music and underground scene over the past couple of years. Having played at some of South Africa’s most esteemed events and festivals such as CTEMF (Cape Town Electronic Music Festival), BAZIQUE and Wolfkop Weekender, he has become a regular at some of the city’s most prominent clubs that are home to electronic music.

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The music creative has gone on to release with CTEMF – Friends & Frequencies’ 2020 Vinyl Compilation, shortly after,  releasing his “God Got Us” EP which featured the hit single “Cruising ft. Shiva” and then followed by his “Essentials” EP towards the end of last year. His latest release marks an international collaboration with Romanian producer, DJ and Live act – IV-IN titled “Hold On” out now on the German music channel and label trndmsk Records which will also follow a remix package by NHII and Awka coming soon.

He delivers a stellar, club hitting mix for 022 of the Africa Distinct series.

Without further to do, we welcome  – Sytec.

Tell us a little about how your journey with electronic music started to where you are right now as an artist?

I believe like many people I started off as a fan of the music, which later turned into me collecting and becoming a DJ. I was inspired by Stimming to start mixing and later producing my own music.

With coming out of a lockdown and not being able to perform. Did that impact your mental health in any way and if so what were your ways to cope and get through those times?

Lockdown was draining mentally and emotionally. Not being able to do the most basic things such as go visit a friend was hard. My coping mechanism was music. I collected and produced a lot of music during lockdown and it helped me mentally.

I’m sure with you as well, being in lockdown (now things opened up) have had time to explore more with your sound and dive deeper into it. What has the journey been like with your music from then, till now with the music we are going to hear this year. 

The music is sounding better, I’m working with people from all walks of life, some even outside the country. It’s really a great time exploring how far and what I can do with the music. Stay tuned, so much more in store to come.

You have your latest release ‘Hold On’ together with IV-IN out now on –  ‘trndmsk Records’ Tell us how this collaboration came about?

As much as I love making electronic house music or just dance music as a whole I’m also a fan. I came across IV-IN’s music online and I liked it. We started following each other and started sharing music. I guess ‘Hold On’ was the one we both fell in love with and it came together so beautifully. 

Can we expect some more international collaborations coming up?

Yes! Definitely. Music is global and I also want to make my music internationally heard. So you can expect a lot of international features. Working on something now as we speak.

What have been some of your main influences and sources of inspiration for creating?

Stimming has always been an inspiration, especially at the beginning of my career in producing and he still is to this day. Nowadays I’m really into Keinemusik.

As an artist and music creative, what do you want to be remembered by and what impact do you want to leave on the world of music?

I want people to remember me as someone who fell in love with a dream and decided to chase after it. I would love for my music to touch people and help them get through the tough times they face.

Can you let us know a little about what we can look forward to from you this year?

A lot of new music and amazing releases coming up.

What can we expect from the mix?

You can expect some exclusives and to dance.

Thank you.

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