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Alex Under’s Fort Bravo is 100% sweat and beats

Alex Under – Fort Bravo

Following two great EP’s (Gravedad, Teletienda) and one full length album on Trapez, Alex Under is back with yet another release on the sublabel of Traum Schallplatten. He delivers 3 brand new dance floor weapons packed on an EP called ‘Fort Bravo’.

What can I say? We are blown away here at Tanzgemeinschaft. When it sounds out of the ordinary we are all ears. Alex Under’s ‘Fort Bravo’ is 100% sweat and beats. It sure will be after you have played this latest missive.

The first track ‘El Calabozo’ has this surreal twist and bends music in different shapes. It’s like looking at an old speed up Western movie in which characters move faster than they should. Alex creates this fantastic space in which you can move. Get into the zone we’d say!

It doesn’t stop after this one. ‘El Abrevadero’ is one wobble heavy ride. A minimalist approach but it does not get bored at all. On the other hand it creates an hypnotic blend and gives you this feelings you should be moving. The bass feels like a throbbing and modulated heart beat. Very lively this one.

Last track ‘La Cantina Por La Mañana’ is a fine old school acid track. Digging this bumping lick that propels forward by burbling swirls of a 303 delight. Yah!

Albeit, when played it sucked all the oxygen out of the room leaving a vacuum behind. I am all sucked out of energy while dancing. Just kidding.

This release from Alex Under sure is one of our favorites releases of this year.

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