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Iman Hanzo

Amazing Deep House giveaway from Iman Hanzo

The Iranian music scene has a long and rich history. It has been greatly influenced by the many different cultures that have come into contact with Iran over the centuries. This has resulted in a unique and diverse music scene that is loved by Iranians and international music fans alike.

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There has been a great emphasis on using music to express political and social messages. This has led to the development of a number of new genres, including electronic music and trance.

The Iranian music scene is one of the most diverse and innovative in the world. It is loved by Iranians and international music fans alike. Iman Hanzo was born in Iran and raised in Germany. Also, a culturally diverse country with many electronic music influences. The perfect breeding ground for Iman Hanzo.

His passion for music began at a young age, leading him to attend a music school before pursuing a career in the industry after graduating from Music Institute. Iman Hanzo’s unique sound blends influence from techno and house to create a dynamic and profound musical experience that evokes strong emotions and unites listeners on the dance floor.

Originally from the vibrant Hamburg club scene, Iman Hanzo has DJed around the world. However, after four years of success as a DJ, he broke free from conventional electronic music and embarked on a journey to rediscover the origins of his art. This exploration opened his mind to new ways of thinking about music, allowing his creativity to flow freely.

The result was a powerful, driving sound that combined the raw intensity of techno with polished melodies and the precision of a seasoned house DJ.  Iman Hanzo just releases his new single “Er lebt in Dir”. An electrifying deep house production with organic and melodic influences full of power and ecstasy. No doubt, he has a unique ability to create catchy and melodic deep house tunes.

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