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An in-depth conversation with Juliche Hernandez

An in-depth conversation with Juliche Hernandez

Canarian artist, Juliche Hernandez, owner of labels such as Downhill Music, July z and UNCANNY, got into music as a percussionist from a very young age. This has helped him a lot when he got in touch with electronic music to create and perfect his high grooves that set the dancefloor all over the world.

With his very deep French house style, he is making a name within the scene. Among this, his productions surely bring freshness to the current big scene and are supported and played by major artists out there.

Juliche Hernandez’s name is linked to very important labels like Djebali, PIV, Madtech, House.on.Wax., Decay Records, Hedzup Records, to name a few. He has played all over Europe, and important parties like Carl Cox Revolution in Space Ibiza.

Today he is here to talk about his fresh work on RAWSTREET and his own UNCANNY record label.

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Hey Juliche, how are you? Obviously 2020 has been a tough year for many artists, but how has it been for you on a personal level?

Hi, I´m fine thanks!! The year, without saying anything about the lockdown, it’s going very well personally and professionally. I’m in a really good moment.

What do you miss most about life pre-lockdown?

I miss moving freely around Europe to travel, and of course, the party atmosphere in the clubs. However, I took advantage of the lockdown to learn more about production work in the studio.

Tell us about your own Uncanny label – what is the A&R outlook?

I started Uncanny to be able to give an outlet to the music that I really like and with the artists that I follow personally at all times. Trying to sign with established artists and new talents. I am not closed to anything. I want to start a series of events on my island with the same name, UNCANNY!

What are the best and worst things about running a label?

For me, the best reason is the feeling I have when I release an EP. Speaking about the internal work, for me personally, for my labels, I want exclusive music made for my label. Not something that has been done a while ago. Also, another point of view of mine is to make a good but closed promotion, with a maximum number of artists or magazines to send to. Because today everything sneaks in very quickly, even before its launch date. Everything else is done with good music.

How do you feel about how social and political dance music has become? Is that good or bad?

I don’t like politics very much and I tend to always be a little out of it. What I can talk about my country is that right now after the lockdown is closed all the Nightlife and the aid to the artists is not at the level of countries like France or Germany for example. Here the artists are really bad right now.

What was your own entry into dance music? What clubs, parties, DJs, labels sparked the fire?

In 2011, it was my performance in front of the public, in a well-known after-hours club and with a very strict audience on the island called After Loco by the famous collective that had been called Coolsounds. I was very nervous at that time!!! : D After that, I was a regular at a club called Rebel, ran by Javier Carballo. Until then, I was at Mood Club where I have spent my best nights and sets on the island!

What is the sound of the French underground right now? Is it healthy and exciting? Any artists/labels/party brands we should be looking out for?

The music is constantly moving so it is very difficult to define something as underground. About new talents it would be good to look at Jizz, Mateo Dufour, Acid Kids, Artmann, really we have always some new names we can see and check!

Tell us about your new “The Wasp” EP for RAWSTREET? What inspired it and how did you get to link with the label?

When Josh Roberts sent me the request to do the EP, I didn’t think twice and decided to do something for the dance floor. A serious line but for the dance floor and I think it has been on the right track since today it is # 6 in Minimal / DeepTech Charts on Beatport.

Juliche Hernandez’s “The Wasp” EP is out now on RAWSTREET. Grab it here on Beatport.

Do you have go-to bits of gear or software when making your tunes that really define your sounds?

I don’t have something defined when it comes to sitting down to make a new track, my Roland TR-8 is present in almost all my tracks, then from there I let whatever I have inside come out.

What’s next for you and your label?

I have a release on Sanity from Cuartero, and 2 collabs with Jizz and another EP with my mate Ray Mono. I have an EP signed on a big and respected label of the moment but at this moment it is a secret. Soon we will have big news about that.

On my UNCANNY label, Daniel Meister will be releasing the Politics of Dancing Remix, then another EP from Artmann, Mateo Dufour & Jizz. I think we will have good music next year on the label!  

Thank you!

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