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André Galluzzi – Alcatraz (ARAS 2015)

On powerful wings and with full range, “Alcatraz”, André Gullazzi’s new relase, glides through the various spheres of this planet called Techno. With each beat, every snare and bassline, André Galluzzi is fascinating mind, body and soul.

Similar to his live-sets the debut album has a captivating conceptual build, gaining speed and intensity steadily, and turning the world upside down for a moment. “Alcatraz” delivers a colourful and multifaceted blend of driving grooves and hypnotic beat-combinations, where Galluzzi drapes his listeners in distinctive analog warmth. Inspired by occult sounds and psychedelic vocals, the album floats easily through the Technocosmos, overleaping stylistic boundaries and returning just as swiftly to its starting point. The always foregrounded percussive puls of “Alcatraz” seems created equivalent to Galluzzi’s own heart rate and gives the whole disc congenial and tangible authenticity.

Titled “Alcatraz”, André Galluzzi releases a pulsating symbiosis of intense snapshots from excessive clubnights and deeply pervasive soundscapes.

Tracks like “Mathilda” or “Alcatraz” are raising the endorphin levels just by their sheer love for detail and the enchanting arrangements. And with “Bombetta” you have a stunningly massive heavyweight of a tune coming through the speakers. Full bass and a conquering build are shaking up the synapses.

André Galluzzi shapes gently blending synth-landscapes. Tracks like “Hand Has Been On It” and “Ferry You” create mystic oases, that provide time and space to exhale and slow down. Without any doubt, Galluzzi is letting you feel the full range of his love for music, far away from any conventions.

Every single track on “Alcatraz” receives it’s due timeframe, and therefore deep basslines can root in a seemingly timeless Ambient-scenery. Multidimensional FX-sounds and filters merge, in order to accompany the listener on this extravagant journey, and reappear in the branches of the sustaining grooves and the lively percussions.

“Alcatraz” as a whole is a captivating piece of art, the essence of a night with colourful lights sparkling after sunset, guiding the audience into a new day.

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Andre Galluzzi Andre Galluzzi

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