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André Moret

André Moret recalls 2000s hit in new edit

In a synergistic combination, the artist presents a new look for Keep On Rising and highlights the track’s message in an emotional and vibrant way.

It doesn’t matter if you follow the electronic scene or not, the fact is that sometime in 2008, “Keep On Rising” by Ian Carey feat. Michelle Shellers hit you with its bold string line, its vibrant synths and Shellers’ impactful vocal, which invited you to dance and echoed incessantly in your head “Keep on rising and rise and rise and rise”.

After having marked the lives of many people 15 years ago, the track is preparing for a new cycle, this time in a more progressive and contemporary guise, bringing the motivational message of the lyrics to its melody as well. 

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Who developed this new version was an exponent of Brazilian electronic music, his name is André Moret. Owner of a synergistic sound that walks the progressive lines between House and Techno, the artist knows, like few others, how to create songs that overflow feelings, but still, dance. Each of his productions tells a story from the shared elements. And, it is no different with this edit.

Available as a free download from Melodic Deep via Hypeddit and Soundcloud, “Keep On Rising (Andre Moret Edit)” brings a melody that perfectly engages with the message that the original version seeks to convey, but in contrast, focuses on subtlety and lightness, which leaves the production more emotional, but still maintaining the high spirits – the ideal combination for the track to dominate the tracks again. Check out the result:

Article by Nicolle Prado

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