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Andreas Henneberg releases a new album called "All Right Now"

Andreas Henneberg drops new stunning album “All Right Now”

There’s no question about it – really everyone should have read the name Andreas Henneberg on their personal electronic music map. The studio genius and at the same time energetic DJ has been on the music scene and on the stages of the world for more than 20 years.

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As soon as you hear a production of his, you immediately feel the typical Henneberg signature between beat and bass.His passion for modulations and synthysizers is not only obvious in a large fleet of gear in the studio.  Also within his songs there is an incredible amount of detail and always something to discover.

At the same time the productions remain functional for the dancefloor. After already two released albums and various singles and remixes Andreas Henneberg returns with a third and probably his best album. The title “All Right Now” actually sets the direction. 

A rich and tasteful mixture of techno, minimal, tech-house and melodic house elements make the album an exciting piece of art. The Berlin-based artist has brought in support exclusively for a few vocals. Otherwise the focus is clearly on Andreas Henneberg – a more than good decision.

The result is a wonderfully exciting and driving album with 16 tracks that are second to none. After listening to the long-player one thing will be clear: “Everything is all right now”.

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