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Brazilina artist Andres Campo talks about his childhood memories

Andres Campo’s childhood memories

Andres Campo’s already flourishing career is experiencing a swift and dramatic upturn. Since 2019 he can also call himself a record label co-founder, with the launch of his EI8HT label with close friend, Eats Everything. 

Campo loves many forms of music and endeavours to find what the floor needs in every gig, letting that determine what he plays; from delivering a groove to an acid cut to heavy techno. Choosing the obscure over the obvious, no Andres set is the same, and he delights in surprising clubbers by playing tracks and mixes that come from deep within his record collection.

With an abundance of musical influences, his love affair with music began with his mum’s Bee Gees and disco vinyl records, followed by listening to pirate radio shows, and cassettes handed down from his big brother. He began as a teenage DJ playing trance and acid, taking as his inspiration 90s DJ heroes and the sounds of Coliseum.

As well as his undoubted brilliance as a music producer and DJ, Andres Campo is an engaging, amusing, open-hearted character who likes to connect with a crowd, evoking their love and affection as well as appreciation (though if anyone is thinking of inviting him for dinner or a beer, make it gluten-free please.) He draws packed crowds on the dance floor, and his many followers are true fanatics.  

We went down memory lane with this great talent and talked about his childhood memories in his interview. Check it out below.

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Hey Andres, love the new EP on Filth On Acid! What else do you have coming up this year release wise?

After “Demente” on Filth On Acid, I’ll have another EP on my label EI8HT which is a collab with Eats Everything, which will be announced soon. After that, further into summer, I’ll be doing some tracks with Ramiro Lopez which we made in my studio here in Barcelona. And then a massive remix for Kase.o – a huge Spanish rap artist.

Andres’s “Demente” EP is available on Beatport.

This feature is all about your childhood when it comes to music, so to kick us off, can you tell us about a special moment during your childhood that gave you a wow moment. Which track(s) was/were playing?

Yes, this memory is actually easy for me. The first time I heard Marmion – ‘Schöneberg’ (Marmion Remix) I was stoned AF when I was about 15 years old in a club in my hometown of Huesca. What a trip that was……

Were your parents musicians or did they have an affinity with music?

My mom always listened to her vinyl records with me at home. It was The Bee Gees and that kind of stuff. She was the one that gave me the passion I have today for music.

What type of music did you enjoy in your younger days?  And when compared to today, how has your taste in music changed?

Umm, I didn’t change that much, to be honest. When I was young I listened to electronic music but also more commercial stuff like Nirvana, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers etc. Spain has always had a lot of dance music, so I think we were all exposed to that genre at a younger age. I guess more than in other countries.

What radio programmes do you remember listening to regularly?

CocoLoco – a pirate radio in my hometown Huesca where they play VHS cassettes of sets from a lot of discotheques. The next time and a little later on, I found myself playing on that radio…..

Which were the favourite hangout places for you and your friends? And how did you enjoy music together?

Well, my friends didn’t like electronic music as much as I do. But with the ones that did come out, we would usually go to Coliseum and Florida 135. And also festivals, etc.

What’s the favourite record your mom or dad played during your childhood?

Bee Gees – Greatest, a 2 Vinyl record, I got it with me 🙂

One track from your childhood that you’ll never get sick of and why?

Safe to say: Marmion ‘Schöneberg’ – (Marmion Remix) memories.

Thank you.

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