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Anfisa Letyago

Anfisa Letyago Announces the 1st of 3 brand new remix packs on her label N:S:DA

Anfisa Letyago has established herself as one of techno’s key players. An intrepid selector with a positive attitude, and an infectious smile, the Napoli based starlet has been making seismic waves within the industry for several years. Her own imprint – N:S:DA has been a home for her own dark-brooding style of techno, but it welcomes a brand new project to kick off 2022, with the first of 3 remix packs featuring a host of very special artists and artwork designed exclusively by Sergio Fermariello.

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DJ Rush, a master of hard techno and wicked percussive elements, he’s committed himself to the art of rhythm and drums. A Chi-town hero whose music transcends continental boundaries now takes his hand to “Rising Sun”. Staunch and unrelenting, the barrage of bass drums keeps momentum at a hauntingly steady pace through the entirety of the track.

It was a pleasure to put my stamp on Anfisa’s release. I felt her vibe and wanted to keep the traditional feel to the song but give it that Rush bump.

DJ Rush

Adiel has graced the stages of some of the industry’s most accredited venues, Panorama Bar, Dekmantel, DC10 and Concrete. She continues to bring her unique take on techno and doesn’t disappoint with her kaleidoscopic iteration of “Orizzonte”. Renowned for her ability to manipulate crowds with her mind-bending DJ sets and mosaic-like track selection, Adiel twists the original mix into a living techno organism of sorts, evolving and shifting through a deep palette of atmospheric sounds and vocal cuts.

It was a lot of fun to remix ‘Orizzonte’, it’s maybe one of my best remixes and I am really happy about it.


Boston 168 leads us deep into an acid laboratory for this reinterpretation of “Gravity”, masters of sound design and reformation of classic drum machines like the Roland 909, 808 and 707, the psychedelic and twisting nature of this Italian duo’s tracks is unmatched. Currently residing in one of techno’s capital party cities – Tbilisi, the pair hold down a residency at the legendary Khidi. “Gravity is the track that inspired us the most with its deep vocal, so we merged this with our cosmic sound” add the duo.

Very few producers have rode the pinnacles of techno as it unfolds through the decades, Chris Liebing is one such figurehead. Revered for his energetic, seize-the-moment style of DJing and music production Liebing is forever finding new ways to innovate within the booth.

Remixing ‘Not There’ was a huge pleasure, and the production process was very organic. I tried to take it in a little less melodic direction by just hinting it in the break.

Chris Liebing

This Germanic trailblazer continues to ignite dancefloors internationally between running his label CLR and juggling family life. Liebing steps up to the plate with his own take on “Not There” to conclude the pack. Instantly drawing your attention with his trademark grit laden kick drums and sweeping dubbed-out vocal shots, along with a hypnotic and body-jolting start to a literal Pandora’s box of remix material.

“Someone like Anfisa, with such a high spirit and a smile that lights up any room deserve to have that same representation to her music. Good music will always put a smile on your face” adds DJ Rush.

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