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Anna Reusch

Anna Reusch talks about her childhood memories

Determined, loving life and fiercely self-reliant, Anna Reusch is on a path of creative success, taking on the world lovingly, on her own terms.

On a typical day, Anna works in the horse stables on her farm outside of Dresden during the day, then boards a plane to rock dance-floors at night. This is the life she loves and we get to join her on this amazing ride.

Her story begins in Wiesbaden, where she grew up surrounded by instruments. Her father played in bands and encouraged Anna to try the keys, guitars, drums and even the organ around the house, but nothing stuck. That is, nothing stuck until one fateful night that changed Anna’s life.

At the age of 15, she set her mind to becoming a DJ, learning the tricks of the trade and practised non-stop and made sure she was ready to get things started as she regularly was found behind the decks at Europalace, a club in Mainz-Kastel. She played for some years, went back to school and picked up her drive again in her early 20s.

While moving to live on her farm close to Dresden she found her new musical home back in the Rhein-Main area with the bouq. family, together with the funders Amir, Butch & Sebastian Lutz.

Her calendar has been filling up ever since with gigs around the country and far beyond. Bookers are finding out that if they book her once, they always come back for more because Anna delivers what she promises: to rely on herself, her intuition, her skill and her love to deeply move the crowd. And the crowd and the music love her for it.

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Which tracks can you recall from each of your childhood periods (toddler, childhood, teenager, …)?
Toddler: everything from the Beatles because my parents were big fans.
Childhood: same, but I started listening to the radio so I remember The Spice Girls, Caught in the Act, Backstreet Boys …
Teenager: I started listening to electronic music and one of my favourite track was also one of my first vinyl – Nalin & Kane’s Beachball.

What type of music did you enjoy in your younger days? When compared to now, has your taste in music changed?
I started listening to electronic music around 15 and at the time trance was really big. Later, I think when I was around 20, I changed a bit more to groovy sounds, like the label Bouq which I joined for a few years. But over the past few years, I’ve tended to move to techno or faster sounds. I think the taste is related to age and preferences and one of the best things about electronic music is – in my opinion – that you can find a stage for every genre or sound.

What about your childhood was unique and most contributed to the adult/artist you’ve become?
I left home very early because unfortunately, I didn’t have a sheltered home. My friends with whom I was with every weekend in my favourite club became my family. It felt like home in the techno community. Maybe that’s why I feel so comfortable in clubs today. Techno gave me a feeling of home.

Techno gave me a feeling of home.

Were your parents musicians or did they have an affinity with music?
My mother listened to Spanish music and also danced flamenco. My father had a band and their rehearsal room was in our house. So I have always been confronted with music but the love for playing instruments never happened. But the preference for listening to music very loud did!

anna reusch

How did the music from your childhood period influence the music you produce today? Why or how?
I am happy that trance elements are back because incorporating them into my tracks makes me feel good. It reminds me of my youth. Maybe I have a preference for the warm groove from my father’s handmade soul music.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life? And music-wise?
I was always looking for someone I could have emulated, but I have thought too often that I will never be able to do this or that so well like the potential role model. To be a professional DJ was more a matter of chance and massive luck, less of aspiration. I am very lucky. No matter what I do I do it thoroughly, carefully and as best as I can. In terms of advice, one of my mentors at bouq was probably the most formative: take your time while playing, building up and create dynamic.

What was the hardest moment of your life?
When my father died while we had a dispute.

What is the proudest moment of your life?
I can’t name one special moment. I’m proud when I play a challenging gig well, when I do a good deed per day or when I feed my rescued animals.

anna reusch

What type of entertainment did you enjoy when you were growing up?
I loved musicals and I was often at concerts with my father’s band.

What radio programmes do you remember?
Sunshine live” of course.

Who were your favourite TV/radio personalities?
I never watched a lot of TV or listened to the radio that much. I spent my youth almost exclusively with friends. We were outside a lot or on the go, we also had a youth room. Typical youth in a small village.

What did the stereo setup look like at home or in your room?
As a teenager, I got boxes and amplifiers from my father’s rehearsal room and then I heard the music so loud that the glasses in the kitchen over my room moved. Nowadays it is a bit more moderate, two good monitors at the office and in the rest of the house Sonos.

Which were the favourite hangout places for you and your friends? And how did you enjoy music together?
In our youth room and later in the club. And we all had great sound systems in our cars.

Which childhood memories shaped you into the adult you have become?
Because I lost my sheltered parental home early, I want to make everything as loving as possible today. I have a nice home, a small farm with a lot of animals, friends come to visit often and I try to make everyone feel very comfortable here.

What’s the favourite record your mom or dad played during your childhood?
Small Faces – Sha La La La Lee. It was the first song I was able to sing. At least the refrain.

Thank you.

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