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Voodoo Village 2023

Are you up for six stages, holistic experiences & star chefs at Voodoo Village?

With about two months to go, the Voodoo Village 2023 lineup is almost complete and the final touches are being put on the completion of the site, which will be expanded for the second year in a row. The total festival area will be significantly increased. This means more space per visitor and more places to relax, discover and share experiences.

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Six stages with their own character and sound

This year Voodoo Village hosts six stages, each with its own character and sound. The now famous The Forest remains the magical place where love tends towards house, soul and disco and on Sunday towards melodic techno. The Shelter is the haven for beat adepts all weekend long: techno, bass, minimal and heavy techno splash out of the speakers at 155 to 160 bpm.

The Yard is the setting for impressive visual effects, combined with sultry, melodic techno beats and The Mirror House teleports you back in time towards a heartwarming disco. The Mirror House is also the place of choice for local up-and-coming talent.

The Oracle will also secure its own lineup this year, featuring international live music where the harmony of sound and movement will transport you to magical moments.

Finally, The Observatory will have a new location on the site and has also been completely redesigned. With a larger capacity and the new layout, The Observatory will become a full-fledged stage at Voodoo Village in 2023.

This year we want to put even more emphasis on Uniting Souls. By connecting people and creating an inclusive, welcoming environment where everyone is encouraged to express themselves and connect with others.

Maxim Dekegel, Voodoo Village.

The lineup

In terms of lineup, the festival is also gradually taking shape. For lovers of solid techno sounds,
Voodoo Village programs Indira Paganotto and Nico Moreno, among others.

Those who find more to their liking in soulful disco and house beats should look for The Forest for DJ Tennis and Jayda G. Melodic techno fanatics will be in The Yard on Saturday for Colyn’s sultry
and emotional set.

If you want to continue on the same momentum, it’s best to stick around for what is perhaps the musical and visual highlight of Voodoo Village 2023: the Italian duo Mathame – who also managed to pack Tomorrowland last year – will come up with a completely new show. Lasers, projections and motion graphics are synchronized on the audio and provide an immersive, almost surreal experience.

On Sunday, you can enjoy artists such as Adriatique and Whomadewho on this main stage. Finally, Voodoo Village also aims to offer homegrown talent a platform at the festival. Some of the up-and-coming Belgian artists who will warm up the various stages this year are Lola Haro, Nico Morano, Milo Spykers, John Noseda, Rick Baguette, Kenny Montana, Lebawski, Emjie, Calao en Volunt Barbati.

A culinary experience

As usual, Voodoo Village attracted some top chefs to the restaurant this year, where several hundred guests (by reservation) will be spoiled with a sharing menu by Mallory Gabsi and Paul.

Delrez. Gabsi, 26 and born in Ixelles, was awarded a star by Michelin this year for his Paris restaurant Mallory Gabsi, a stone’s throw from the Arc de Triomphe. Together with culinary prodigy Paul Delrez – also of Brussels origin – he will create a delicious sharing menu at the Voodoo Village restaurant.

Experience and well-being

Apart from music and gastronomy, Voodoo Village is pre-eminently the festival that focuses on experience and well-being. During this edition, even more attention will be paid to The Oracle; a place that offers festival-goers the opportunity to explore their inner self and gain new insights. It offers various activities and workshops aimed at the emotional, cognitive, social and physical well-being of the individual and with the aim of promoting a sense of unity and connection.

It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is the unifying factor.

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