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Artimpakt brings a sparkling and colorful mix

As we enter the last month of the year we keep getting great mixes by talented artists all over the world. The new edition comes from Brazilian DJ & producer Rafael Freitas who calls himself Artimpakt. With a strong focus on his own production work, he also takes time for his own PR. On top of it all, he is busy organizing events in and around his area, the beautiful Florianopolis.

But today Artimpakt is here with a sublime, sparkling, and colorful mix. This edition embraces an open-minded attitude towards downtempo music. Music as the channel of communication between body and soul.


What can we expect from the mix you made?
I recorded this mix intending to provide a deep and slow trip for those who listen to it. I added some downtempo references, trying to get away from the obvious tracks. This is the style I’m closer to and exploring the most lately.

01. Jiony – El Pachamame Ft. Ailed
02. Stravoz – Merci Eclair
03. LUM (Mx) – Baaxal
04. Stravoz – Talabout
05. Oceanvs Orientalis – Gardens of Babylon
06. Oceanvs Orientalis – It’s All About Six Days War
07. Pay Kusten – Cocain (Pay Kusten Edit)
08. Oceanvs Orientalis – Old Gods
09. Shkoon – Ala Moj Al Bahr (Goldcap Remix)
10. Bedouin – Mogram
11. Unders – Syria (Satori Remix)
12. Sahalé – Magharibi
13. Sahalé – Le Petit Prince

Where are you from and what do you find inspirational about where you’re living?
I’m Brazilian, from Florianópolis Island. I live in a house in the woods, and this contact with nature helps me a lot. It brings inspiration to my music. Besides, the electronic scene in Brazil is young, I can closely follow people in the scene and see the evolution of the scene over here as well. This way I can learn about what to do and what don’t.

What triggered or influenced you in being a DJ?
Before electronic music showed up in my life about 3 years ago, rock music was what was part of my life. I’m a drummer and percussionist. Music and I have had always a close connection. I have a friend who has CDJs, I am introduced via him and his music to this universe that I’m so passionate about.

If I say China, what do you say?
China has always been a “someone to keep an eye on”, isn’t it? Even if we talk about electronic and underground music, from time to time, they have played important roles in advancing the Chinese scene. Take care world, China will get everything SOON, let’s learn from them.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now?
I’m working hard and doing my best so that in 3 years I can be closer to make my dream come true: work with music and meet the world with this instrument and passion.

What is a hard part of the electronic music scene according to you?
Make a living with music isn’t an easy “task”. But it is very tempting to try. You can get in this universe of music easily, but it demands study, research and hard work to make something of it. Becoming a DJ is a real challenge.

A negative side is that a lot of people are trying to use shortcuts to reach their goals, you know? That damages the scene because it overshadows the artistic side of it. But looking at the bright side, there will always be those who have magic and the music as a highlight. Those are the ones I want by my side and learn from.

Artimpakt recently released a new track. Free for download. Enjoy!

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