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Artist profile: The Reactivitz


h4>The Reactivitz
The Reactivitz is a project by two cousins from Lyon. Mixing Deep, Tech House & Techno. They got their inspiration from some very nice big shots in the industry: Sasha, Joris Voorn, Worakls, Olivier Giacomotto, Umek, Adam Beyer and many others.

The name, The Reactivitz as they call themselves, is in harmony with the music they produce. Having a very open musical mind, they listen to all kind of music and are not restricted to one particular genre. It’s better to understand this philosophy when they talk about their role model : Carl Cox. For them, as he adapted throughout the years, he was and still is a person to look up to. Or to say, an example to follow.

Recently they signed a deal with Scottish label Bulletdodge Records, which includes artists such as Pig&Dan, Ben Sims, Robert Hood…. Als they collaborated with booking agencies Happiness Therapy and HIL in Lyon, which allowed them to play alongside Crookers, Modek, Neus, Uppermost…

Labels : Bulletdodge Records, Thaf Records

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Some of The Reactivitz’s tracks :

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