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Artist Spotlight: Matchy

We had the opportunity to have a chat with a versatile & down to earth artists hailing from Frankfurt, Germany. Meet Matchy. He’s been storming the charts on a regular basis with dozens of significant releases over the past years on the finest labels around as there are My Favourite Freaks, Suara, Katermukke, Stil Vor Talent, … You name it, it’s on it. What’s surprising is that he did this only in a nick of time. I am pretty sure the steep climb to the top leaves a lot of talents out there green with envy.

Although Matchy found his way to DJing through music production, it’s hardly surprising that his DJ gigs are welcome even far beyond home. The skilful mixing expertise, as well as the feeling for the right tracks, have been highly demanded around the world.

Only recently the high-rollin’ ‘Savanah’ was released as one of the tracks on the ‘Stil Vor Talent Berlin: Frankfurter Tor compilation‘. Check it out below.

Matchy, a versatile & down to earth artist!

We had the chance to talk to Matchy about his past, steep climb to stardom and his releases of course.


Hey Matchy, how are things these days?
It’s going well, currently, a lot of stuff to do. But I’m feeling really confident about the future as I already have multiple great tracks on well-known labels and gigs in several cities coming up.

Let’s move back a bit in time and ask you what set the spark to start in the electronic music scene?
Since my childhood music has been a great part of my life, playing different instruments like flute or piano. I have always been impressed by the way how music is able to touch people e.g. giving you goosebumps.

The first time I went to a Techno party was actually such a formative experience that I still remember this night although it must have been almost 15 years ago by now.

Was dance music always your main influence when you were younger? What were your early passions and influences?
Although I was really into Oldschool HipHop, wearing these ridiculously way too big clothes, I already listened to a lot of Trance and Progressive that was really popular at that time.

So then, what were the first types/genres of music you tried to make?
When I was 14 I started producing Rap beats and recorded my own lines but my fascination for electronic music quickly made me change the genre and try out producing House, which back then was a little bit more difficult without Ableton tutorials to watch or tons of sample packs.

It did not take you long before you had releases on major labels like Suara, Moonbootique, Stil Vor Talent, Heinz and more. What’s your secret? Many sure will be eager to find out how you managed to sign on these great labels.
Well, you are right that it didn’t take long after the first release. Then again I had already been producing electronic music for a couple of years for myself without sending out any demos. Therefore, I guess you definitely need to have a lot of staying power nowadays until labels recognize your name and actually do listen to your demos. Besides, I guess there’s no real secret, you just have to stay hungry and do your own thing.

Your feeding ground is Berlin. Tell us all about it. What makes this city special for you?
Coming from the Frankfurt area, I see a difference in people’s thinking and doing. Frankfurt is known for its skyscrapers and banks, a lot of young people seem completely focused on pursuing a career, working almost 24/7 in “socially recognized” jobs. Apparently forgetting that time with your beloved ones, outside in nature or in a club, just to lose yourself, is the most valuable thing in life and which, at least for me, gives life a meaning. No money in the world will bring you back the time you lost in an office working more than 50 hours a week.

TGMS: Amen to that!

Berlin is totally different, people just seem to be way more relaxed, enjoying the little things in life. Berlin has more space for creativity, street art, little restaurants, bars and clubs whereas Frankfurt, unfortunately, has only one or two addresses left for electronic music.

What exciting news do you have in the works for the coming months? New releases, gigs?
A new track is coming out on Stil Vor Talent at the moment, I have several EP’s signed already. Won’t reveal too much now. And I already started working on a concept and tracks for my first album.

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Matchy’s & StereoExpress ‘Savanah’ is out now on Stil Vor Talent. Grab it here.

Is there a particular way you want your music to make people feel?
There is not one particular way, I love the variety. In my opinion, music needs to be able to cover different feelings, not only one, just as people are always in a different mood, preferring to listen to something that fits their current situation. Therefore I also prefer playing different tracks and producing different styles that cover several, diverse emotions.

In my opinion, music needs to be able to cover different feelings, not only one, just as people are always in a different mood, preferring to listen to something that fits their current situation.

Where do you draw your creative influences from?
It’s all in my head. Pretty much everything I experienced in the last couple of years, private – as well as incidences as an artist and my new surroundings in Berlin.

Moving on to skills & personal attributes. What are, according to you, the most important attributes to being successful in the music industry?
Difficult question, I guess you have to be talented in some way. There are a lot of different aspects: your productions, DJing skills or even how you market yourself and treat people. You’ll have to find your own strength.

What are currently your main challenges as a DJ? What is it about djing, compared to, say, producing your own music, that makes it interesting for you?
There are so many releases out there nowadays and it’s getting more and more every day. I’m really happy when I find a new track and it works well on the dancefloor.

Moreover, the feeling when you play one of your new productions and the crowd’s reaction, again and again, is new. That is always something special!

If you could talk to your younger self of about 10 years ago, what would you tell him?
Honestly… not a single clue. There are a couple of things in life I regret but we don’t live in the past. Instead of spending too many thoughts on what happened or might have been, make the best out of your future!

If Matchy were an alcoholic beverage what kind would you be?
I would be a mixture of Mate, Beer, Gin with a blend of Martini 😀

Thanks for the chat!

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