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Prismode & Solvane

Artist spotlight on Prismode & Solvane

(Photo courtesy of Manuela Clemens)

This duo secured a spot in the music scene due to fantastic music and the Berlin-based club Ritter Butzke as the accelerator of their career. Prismode & Solvane are both impressive as solo artists behind the decks, but as a duo, they go full force and make sure your night is one never to forget.

With various released on the Ritter Butzke Studios imprint, they now join the Stil vor Talent family with a fantastic EP. We had a short chat with the guys and talk about this new work. Enjoy.

Prismode & Solvane
Prismode & Solvane dropping a catchy groove on Stil vor Talent

How is it going these days?
Thank you very much. 2018 started great for us and is still very promising. Great bookings are getting confirmed and we’re looking forward to upcoming releases on labels we love. The combination of these two facts make the start of 2018 pretty awesome.

One thing that we’ve picked up is a new release on Stil vor Talent. Can you tell us something about it?
We’re super happy to be a member of the Stil vor Talent family. They release exactly that kind of music we really love. We’re glad that they signed our music once more, but to be honest: we really didn’t expect such a massive support for the upcoming release “Octopus”. Oliver Koletzki drops it in every single DJ-set he’s playing. Also, radio stations put it in heavy rotation or even select it as the track of the week (CPHdeep). Hidden Empire charted the track on #3 in their April picks … we’re overwhelmed by these first feedbacks!

How did this track come together in the studio?
That was fun and super easy. We usually meet in the studio with a concrete concept, but with “Octopus” it was different. A bunch of beers led to a super relaxed atmosphere. It is probably the quickest track we’ve ever made. It’s a very simple one – not too complex. But maybe that’s why it turned out so catchy.

And what’s your favourite gear in the studio at all?
We worked with the Monark a lot lately, a synth that runs in Reaktor. We also used it for the hook in “Octopus“ and in a few other productions.

Any chance of seeing you guys playing together during the next months?
Of course. A lot of joint gigs are confirmed for the summer season, e.g. in Poland and Norway. And of course, we’re going to play our traditional Feel Festival back-to-back! Check our facebook pages for the dates.

What makes rocking together special for you both?
It’s always special, as we always play an intuitive back-to-back. We never have a fixed plan for our back-to-back sets. Always led by the vibe of the moment. This creates a unique set each time we play together.

You both have strong roots in the Berlin scene. How important is this connection to clubs, labels and other actors in the nightlife for you?
It’s super important for us and maybe the most important influence on our musical development. Berlin and its whole scene still have a great attraction to techno and house music lovers like us. People come from all over the world to experience this special vibe. We’re super happy to have this influence 24/7. Being located in Berlin is also quite beneficial to business since many labels and agencies are located here, too.

What exciting news do you have in the works for the coming months?
At the moment we’re waiting to finally receive a remix by our buddy Niconé which he is doing for our August release. We’re also going to work in another collaboration with him later this year. But also some more remixes and originals are already signed and on their way. We’re highly motivated and we’ll have more output than the years before. But not only release-wise we’ll be reaching the next level. We’ve also intensified our collaboration with our home base Ritter Butzke in 2018… So you better keep your eyes and ears open.

Thank you for inviting us to answer your questions!!

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