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Atapy - Redub

Atapy drops Redub EP. Fine Detroit dub tech.

Some things stay with you for quite some time. Especially when it concerns great moments with nice music involved. This moment is from about 4 years ago when we made some music with kitchen apparel while drinking beer and wearing seats as hats. Crazy moments when coming home each night after a day at a music festival. The music we played varied but this track from Atapy according to us a mine on the rise, stayed with us. We still play it often, simply because it’s genius:

A superb Detroit dub techno release: Atapy – Redub

Unfortunately we did not followed him along the way but came across some of his music once in a while. Now he is back with new work on the fantastic Dutch imprint Chapter 24 records with his “Redub” EP. Together with 3 other artists on the roster he delivers 2 originals and 3 remixes. Quite interesting is that fact that all tracks last over 7 mins.

“Redub”, the title track is a nice little stabber. Heavy chunky beats that’ll make up a strong club track that’ll make you lift your feet. All about Detroit dub techno this is. The bonus track “Redub to space” is all what is says. A warm, deep spaced out version of the original. A bit lighter but surely good for the club as well.

The first remix, by Javier Orduna who also delivers work for Culprit and Moda Black, tweaks the original in an even more scenical version. A little heavier but playful use of synth lines. Talking about dub? Then yes if you tune in to the other remixes from Malbetrieb and Luis Leon. One is more melodic interpretation but with a heavy bass while the other seems a more cut up version of the original. Alos more layered which gives it somehow a little extra polish.

It’s out for a while already, so grab that copy and play it loud!

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