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Audacious, a regular event hosted by the versatile DJ Amare

Audacious Open Air, summer is looking good

Audacious is a concept hosted by Brussels-based DJane Amare. Hosting her event on a regular basis in Belgian capital she now takes it outdoors.

Amare surely is born out of love for the deeper, warmer, more colourful and sexy sounds. Think dirty bass lines, melodic & deep techno, funky house. Imagine all this with a playful touch and an exotic hint to it. That’s the sassy sound she selects for her great events, time after time.

Audacious Open Air

For this Audacious in the middle of summer, she selected a beautiful outdoor venue in the middle of nature – and we’ll go back to our day-party format.

Not only did Amare select a great location, but the line-up is also pretty awesome. She got Blade & Beard (Raving Iran) coming over for a gig. Furthermore, there will be Caspar (Thé Dansant, Ketaloco), Dauw (Gardens of Babylon, Mate family), Lexx (ON), Miyaguy (Sunday Matinee, Gardens of Babylon) and Amare herself.

Trust us, it’s going to be awesome. Let the Gods of nice weather be in a good mood.

Info about tickets and busses can be found on Resident Advisor. Don’t miss it. »


Blade & Beard, known from the music documentary Raving Iran

Blade & Beard

Those who’ve seen the movie Raving Iran know who we are talking about. For those who did not, we highly recommend to watch and get acquainted with Anoosh en Arash aka Blade & Beard‘s background and their challenges of pursuing dance music in Iran.

As electronic music is strictly forbidden in Iran, they organised illegal events pressed their own CD’s and CD covers, got taken prisoner and still pursued their dream of making and playing electronic music. They left their homes and are trying to conquer the world from their new home base, Switzerland. Do not miss them.

We had a chat with Amare a little while ago. Check out the great story about this versatile and passionate artist.

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