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AudioHell announces China tour

This guy is a phenomenon and we are so glad he took the time to sit down with us and talk about his (near) future plans and … music of course. We are talking about the Italian DJ, producer AudioHell. He is so much more than a DJ or producer. Jimi the Sun as he also is called, is running several record labels, a recording studio and a radio host … an art collector … event manager … . With only 24 hours in a day, we are not going to ask how he fills in his time. There must be loads of coffee involved.

AudioHell has been around since the late 90’s and seems to be unstoppable. Already played in the best clubs around the world, he now announces his China tour. Taking place mid-March. Let’s all head over to the land of the Dragon.

AudioHell is touring China from the 10th-18th March and the latest release on his label AudioHell Department, Dinkis – ‘Caress’ EP is out on February 27th!

AudioHell on tour – China – March 2017

Let’s cut right in. We’ve noticed you have an upcoming tour in China? Not bad at all touring in such a big country. Have you been there before?
Honestly is the second time I’ll play on this continent and can’t wait to go back. China is a very receptive country (musically speaking). My first party as a guest was last year in Shanghai in the Arkham Club (4x4x4x4) on my Asian Tour. I found soon fantastic friends who now have become part of my WeTraffik booking company, Max Shen & Deep. They are two amazing DJs & promoters. It is important to enter in a new big market like China with a professional local team. They have organized for me this new tour focussing on four clubs: SECTOR UNDERGROUND (Shenzen), HERE WE GO (Chengdu), HANGOVER (Guangzhou), VERVO (Kunming). After this tour, my idea on the Asia market will continue for sure. I’ll search a good staff of producers to create a massive underground label dedicated to this market… And this is only the beginning.. 🙂

What can the crowd expect? Anything special up your sleeves like visuals or a special showcase?
I consider China to be a ready market for refined sonorities and I’m sure their club culture is having an incredible development. For this reason, the only thing I’ll bring with me on this tour will be a lot of fresh underground music. That’s all….

Let’s turn that around, what do you expect from the Chinese crowd?
I haven’t particular expectations from the crowd but I’m sure we’ll have fun at all gigs. This is the only important thing.

What makes you decide to play a particular record during one of your sets? Is there a criterion other than pure subjectivity, for selecting what to play at a gig?
I’m a DJ for exactly 20 years now and I’ve never set my music selection before the event. Even during periods as a resident at Space Ibiza or Tresor Berlin, I have never organized a dj set upfront. Every night is different and every time the DJ has to identify with the audience ‘s vibe.

The relationship with the audience is crucial for a DJ, and yet it seems to be a fragile one. How do you see the balance between giving the crowd what they want and treating them to something new?
I think this problem isn’t there when you play in a club that called you for your music, productions and background. If the crowd knows who you are and the music you make and play, don’t worry: your sound will be fine.

In how much, do you feel, is the club experience shaped by cultural differences? Do you, when traveling, take these cultural differences into consideration?
I think electronic music now has become so international that in every country you’ll know what you must play. Don’t think that China Club Culture, for example, are less than our major European cities. I’ve seen an amazing movement in Shanghai. Obviously, you must know and respect the traditions of each country. But once you’re in the Club.. the world becomes one big family.

AudioHell Department
AudioHell Department workspace – awesome vibe.

And in how far has your approach as a DJ benefited from playing in different countries and in front of different crowds?
From 1998 to 2011 I played with the artistic name “Jimithesun” worldwide. Those were the times of the “True Ibiza”. I worked more summer seasons at Space (for which I have mixed two compilation CDs) and every winter I was always on tour. Then I stopped for five years and I devoted myself to the record label, I opened my new studio and also WeTraffik booking with my partner Alex Henning… Now I’m ready to return on tour with my “AudioHell” project. Of course, this is very important to my professional profile.. but also for myself. I love traveling!

Besides performing, is there anything you’d like to see from the places you are playing at? Grabbing some culture, food, sightseeing?
I love seeing new places and, above all, meet new people. I think it is a great fortune to know new traditions, food, culture.. I’m a romantic and emotional guy. I love art, friendship, life…

Also new is an upcoming release from emerging Italian duo Dinkis on your own label, AudioHell Department. Want to tell us a bit about it?
This project started out as a duo but Dinkis now includes only a young Sicilian musician: Gabriele Mineo. When I heard his two songs I fell in love with the dramatic and melancholic feeling. On this EP I felt the sensibility of this artist. Remixing the main track was a real pleasure.

Does his sound closely relate to what you are looking for in an artist combined with the direction you are heading with the label?
After more than 10 years of management on Digital Traffik Recordings I choose to start another label: AudioHell Department. I like to call this label: “a matter of music”. With this project, I want to propose new sounds, emerging artists, and a different musical world… maybe more electronic. Only three things are important on AudioHell Department: analog sound, eclectic visions and quality. It’s a great challenge … really very exciting for myself.

The reason we ask this is because Dinkis his sound is more melodic, a little different than the other EP’s you have released on the label. We think it’s nice that a label does not pin itself to one specific genre. What direction are you heading for with AudioHell Department.
You understood exactly, my friend! On Digital Traffik my music selection is always ranged between deep house and tech house (maybe more dancefloor oriented tracks). On AudioHell Department instead, I want to dedicate myself to explored new ways. The music genre is not important.

Will there be a follow-up release from Dinkis? Or have you got other plans with them?
At the moment I want to concentrate myself to find out at least ten new talents. Then, based on the feedback of the albums, I’ll focus on just four producers … to develop them and maybe put them in my tour with WeTraffik.

Let’s talk about you. You had a first release on your own new label. The very first together with Malatoid. Very nice and loved the fact that each track sounds different. Why this approach?
The first release with Malatoid was a real success. At first, it had to be a “vinyl only” release. Then after many requests, I decided to release the digital version. Those four songs are very different but very powerful. It has been a really nice work!

First the China tour, but what after that? Anything new coming from yourself on AudioHell Dept, your other label Digital Traffik, or any other label? Or another tour maybe?
My next release will come out of Tenampa Records, a Mexican label very interesting and very promising. The EP will be another surprise: very introspective and engaging sounds. This album will be once again sound different than the others… Gabriel (A&R Tenampa) is very excited about this project.

About my Tours, I have several things going on, South America, USA and more. But I think I’ll stop again for some months after China. The project AudioHell was conceived as a “LIVE” act, not as a DJ set and I want to take at least a couple of months in the studio to finish this. I’m studying a revolutionary live set for the future gigs… of course, completely analog.

What are some of your favorite places you’ve performed thus far and maybe highlight some of the best experiences.
All the years I’ve spent playing as a resident DJ in Space Ibiza and Tresor Berlin. My first tours in Brazil early year 2000 for sure. My gigs in The Egg in London, Pacha Ibiza… Oh my god… I don’t know, really. If you make me think about my golden years I will become nostalgic! Ahahahah. You know what I want to say to you? What interests me are the years that will be in the future … and I am sure the best is yet to come.

TGMS: the future is ours!!

We wish you all the best in China. Have a blast and make it memorable for you and the crowd.
Thanks for having us.

Thanks to your amazing site that hosted me… Cheers to you and all my followers!


10/03/2017 – SECTOR (Shenzhen)
11/03/2017 – HERE WE GO (Chengdu)
17/03/2017 – ANGOVER BAR (Guangzhou)
18/03/2017 – CLUB VERVO (Kunming)

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