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Audiojack – Machine Code EP (GRU032)

audiojack - machine code

Audiojack – Machine Code

It’s been a while but now they are back with a new release. Audiojack, being James Rial and Richard Burkinshaw, dropped their new single on their own Gruuv label last month. This new single does remind us back to their earlier releases. We can’t deny, “Machine Code” is a bomb. This tracks is an instant smasher. “Indigo” meanwhile moves in a more stealthy way and turns into a punchy deep house path with dubby undertones and a groovy bassline. On the B side Paul C and Paolo Martini delivered a funky and percussive version of “Machine Code”. Try not to stand still! “Indigo” gets that tracky tech house treatment from Alexis Raphael. Deep grooves, straight forward beats.

If you read the feedback from respected artists on their soundcloud page, we can’t be wrong about this release. It’s going to be a dance floor killer, all of the tracks!

Eats Everything
‘Lovely EP, some killer stuff in there.’

Maxxi Soundsystem
‘Love Machine Code. Smashed it to pieces in London at the weekend. Will be playing it lots more…’

Joris Voorn
‘Paul & Paulo did a great job!’

Maya Jane Coles
‘Liking Machine Code!’

Simon Baker
‘Indigo is a nice bouncey number! ‘

‘Indigo is my pick here, groovy shit’

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Rating: 4,5/5
Label: Gruuv
Release date: Apr 7, 2014
Format: Digital

Track list:

  1. Machine code
  2. Indigo
  3. Audiojack – Machine Code (Paul C & Paolo Martini remix)
  4. Audiojack – Indigo (Alexis Raphael remix)

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