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Avidus - Revenge of the whales

A phenomenal Revenge of the Whales from Avidus

Avidus’ Revenge of the Whales is a stellar release

Let’s start by saying this upcoming release from Avidus sounds phenomenal! The sound they produce on “Revenge of the Whales” is not from this world. It’s where two worlds collide. The ethereal atmosphere that is created must feel like they are stretching the universe. We are letting our fantasy go as we simply can’t get enough of this sound. Maybe it’s the sound of the womb or deep-sea or ripples in space. At least it sounds stellar! Please give us your thoughts.

The EP “Revenge of the Whales” is a package of 2 originals and 2 sublime remixes. It’s being released via Hommage, the record label of Monkey Safari and Karl Friedrich. One of the edits is by the hand of the label heads, Monkey Safari, themselves. The other track is a glistening melodic take on “Ruins” by Marino Canal. The outro of this remix is one of a kind and for us feels like the perfect ending to a wonderful night out.

The melody takes you to highs and lows as if you are on a ship in mid-storm. Electrifying.

“Revenge of the whales” is a kick in the teeth. A heavy and punchy bassline taking you on a journey. Along the trip, you’ll get hypnotised by whale-alike sounds, heavy and distorted in times. The melody takes you to highs and lows as if you are on a ship in mid-storm. Electrifying.

Monkey Safari’s remix contains a bubbling electronic bassline, snappy percussion and again the distorted whale sounds but used as samples. It’s a more upbeat approach, more punchy & less dreamy. This sure is an energetic techno cut.

“Ruins”, the original mix, is an ultra-deep excursion that kicks in with a repetitive rolling bass and hints of a light synth background sound. When the piano sound enters the scene, you are already hypnotised by the dreamy synth loop. Built up with layers of synth, whale-like sounds, piano and eyes-closed melodies is all it takes to make this track a balanced seductive groove.

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