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Axel Toben releases 5-track Phonosynthesison Subtempo

Axel Toben’s Phonosynthesis, rooted in the clarity & simplicity of techno

Axel Toben is the electronic music alias behind mastermind multi-instrumentalist, Alejandro Bento. With 20 years of production and composition experience under his belt, it may come as a surprise to discover that “Phonosynthesis”, his new work set to release via Subtempo this fall will be his debut under this moniker.

“Phonosynthesis” is a natural continuation of Axel Toben’s work

This says a lot about Toben’s character, the time he’s taken to cultivate his craft, to develop his technique and refine his sound in anticipation for this moment. However, his new EP doesn’t come in isolation; “Phonosynthesis” is a natural continuation of his work under his given name, Alejandro Bento, which saw him sharing some heartfelt solo piano pieces that gathered international recognition, got included in Nils Frahm’s piano day playlists two years in a row and was remixed by the likes of Robot Koch (Project Mooncircle, Trees and Cyborgs), Christopher Willits (Ghostly International) and Memotone (Black Acre, Project Mooncircle). Under this new alias, he also did a remix for the famous Six Degrees Records out of San Francisco. 2019 marks the culmination of a long but very necessary gestating process for Toben, which will unlock an enormous amount of music he’s been creating, that will see the light in the coming months.

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A world of passionate and bold expression

“Phonosynthesis”, a well-crafted 5 song EP, is rooted in the clarity and simplicity of techno while carrying throughout a wide range of melodic elements that transport the listener to Toben’s world of passionate and bold expression. With intentional lo-fi drum elements, rich analog synthesizers, melodic piano and guitar elements, the music is not easily pinned to a specific genre, but rather denote the clarity of Toben’s ideas throughout, keeping it interesting, diverse and unique. The 116 bpm the record maintains in all the tunes, makes it equally effective as a dancefloor starter as well as for home listening.

We are premiering on of the tracks on the release:

Phonosynthesis will be out on October 11th, 2019 via Subtempo.

Axel Toben’s love for electronic music grew out of the community he was a part of in the Mediterranean town of Javea, Spain where he was raised. Being geographically the closest point to Ibiza, created a strong musical cross-pollination between the island and the mainland, resulting in many international acts travelling through and elevating the free parties to an entirely new level. Toben resided in Berlin from 2010 to 2012, a period that cemented his vision and proved incredibly influential in shaping his current sound. Axel currently resides in Javea where he has his studio in the Spanish countryside and a healthy artistic community around him.

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