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Baya debuts on Words Not Enough with a new Organic House EP, Breathe Out

Marking his debut with the Brazilian label Words Not Enough, Baya’s new work, Breathe Out, arrives with intense and impactful melodies, influenced by Organic House. The DJ and producer has been considered a creative exponent of today and unique moments are created in his productions which invite listeners on a journey full of strong emotions.

Accumulating remarkable achievements in his career, Baya has songs released by Sprout Music, Armada Music and Sony Music and his tracks have received support from DJs such as Lane8, D-nox, Martin Eyerer, Lost Frequencies and even David Guetta. In this growing artistic evolution, we talked to Baya to find out details about this release, his influences and what else we can expect for 2022.

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Hello, Baya, thank you for having this interview with us! Talking about the release of the Breathe Out EP, what were the sound elements used in its construction? What did you want to highlight?

First I would like to thank you for this interview and to be able to tell you more about this release which is very special to me. In Breathe Out and Hybridize I abused the use of synthesizers with “super clean” timbres, the idea was that the song would progress in its melody in a melancholic tone matching these timbres. The leads present in both tracks are the soul of the song. I believe that the percussive elements are also a point to highlight, with their rhythm and constancy, giving a hypnotic air.

Can you tell us more about the production process, how did you get to this final result?

It took 2 weeks to produce the two tracks until reaching the final result already mastered, I had in mind to make them in a way that one complements the other. The creative process was quick because, on the first song I did, Hybridize, I already developed a second melody, thinking about the second track. As if Breathe Out is an extension of Hybridize. On Breathe Out I wanted to put more energy into the track, so they not only complement each other harmonically, but there is also a progression if played in sequence on the dancefloor.

Did you have any major inspiration or influence that helped you achieve this work?

In my songs, even if I mix organic elements, or House or Techno, there’s always some influence from Progressive Trance, it’s something that seems to be in my subconscious, and it becomes natural to explore some element. So this is definitely an influence that I should highlight.

Tell us how the invitation to premiere a release signed by Words Not Enough came about and how was this reflected in your creation?

Awka, one of the owners of the label, is my studio partner. We’ve had a lot of talks about releasing Baya at Words Not Enough, but we still haven’t been sure. So I decided I had to produce something special and show it to them. In the 2 weeks that I produced Breathe Out and Hybridize, I worked always aiming for them to be released on Words Not Enough. So I put as much energy into focusing on the tracks to get them on the label. I think that because I already had this direction focused on WNE, producing the tracks with that energy, the process of acceptance by Awka and his partner Edu Schwartz was very fast, already defining the release date and everything.

What do you aim to achieve this year? How are your projects going? 

There are still a lot of good things to come this year, I’m working hard so that everything goes in the best way. I have 8 new songs where I’m defining the labels. What I can tell you now is about the release scheduled for September by Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden. There are 2 tracks that I made in partnership with Awka and with vocals from LENN V.

Besides, I’m booking a tour outside of Brazil, but I’ll have to tell you more details about it later.

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