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Ben Teufel – U See EP (ANTR019)

ben eufel - u see

Ben Teufel

Ben Teufel, owner of Antura records, uses his own imprint to release his own productions. Besides his own work, releases from artists like Basti Grub, Fabio Neural, Pele&Shawnecy, Emanuel Satie, Steve Nash, Maximiljan, Richie Santana, Dave Brody, Philip Arruda, Sean Random, Collective Machine, Robot Needs Oil and many more are featured on the label.

U See EP

‘U See’ is the second release from label head Ben Teufel. This EP includes four strong remixes from Will Monotone, Carl Bee, Alex Kennon and Mr. Deka.

The original track definitely is a dance floor filler with a great tech vibe. Very nice tribal alike beats mixed with dark conjuring voices. The heavy bass feels like hypnotising. This 6 minute long track for sure gets you into trance.

Then there are the fantastic remixes. Beats galore.

Will Monotone’s Beat Driven Mix says it all by the title. Beat driven it is. This remix is a little more uplifting and feels refreshing. We love this version.

Alex Kennon’s 5 A.M. Remix feels more like pounding techno music. A little heavy on the bass but still keeps that hypnotising effect. As we are more a fan of the orignal, this comes in a little too heavy. But we are sure this one is a great remix for all techno fans. And the same goes for the next remix by Carl Bee’s. Continuing with the heavy bass but with his own effects and style.

Mr. Deck’s Remix on the other side from the other side of the tech spectrum. Less heavy on the bass. Still boasting and by adding more small effects this remix feels a little boisterous.

Rating: 4/5
Label: Antura Records
Release date: Antura Records
Format: Digital

Track list:

  1. U See (Original Mix)
  2. U See (Will Monotone’s Beat Driven Mix)
  3. U See (Alex Kennon 5 A.M. Remix)
  4. U See (Carl Bee Remix)
  5. U See (Mr. Deka Remix)

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