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vibrations of the universe

Benja Henley and Silenc join forces on Vibrations Of The Universe, out via Kaligo Records

Directly from Argentina, two producers teamed up for the release of the EP Vibrations Of The Universe released by the brazilian label, Kaligo Records. Benja Henley and Silenc brought a unique piece full of power, taking the listener straight into the most intense vibe of the dance floor. 

The union resulted in tracks ready to be fired and snatch Peak Time

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Benja, from Buenos Aires, is known for bringing bold lines of modern Techno with solid kicks and dark melodies; Silenc, from the city of Cordoba, is a rising name with a lot of thirst to produce, standing out with releases that follow lines of old school Techno, in a  mental footprint.

The union resulted in tracks ready to be fired and snatch Peak Time from major events in South America and beyond. The work has two original tracks, the title track “Vibrations Of The Universe”, refers to the entire base of the rocky mass that makes up our planet, when listening to it we have the feeling that the ground is moving under our feet.

“Quantum Leap” is fast and deadly, as is our walk here, following dramatic nuances that translate the film of human life on the planet.

Artice by Mia Lunis

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