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Berlin-based Agja delivers fresh EP

Agja’s passion for electronics started early – he experimented at the tender age of 14 with a Roland MC-303 and an Atari 1040ST. Soon technical equipment replaced the matchbox cars on his desk and the love for sound-generators grew more and more. Looking back, it should already be clear at this point where the journey was headed for Agja.

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Music from artists such as Aphex Twin and Squarepusher but also Stockhausen and Sala have influenced him very early, which is still noticeable through playful sound experiments and research.

This affinity went so far, that in 2009 AGJA began studying to be-come a Master in sound and music and had successfully completed this in 2012. Since then, he is not only involved in his own music, he also worked for many TV and film projects, as well as mixing and mastering engineer.

AGJA’s sound is characterized by minimalistic complex repetitive cartridges, which leaves room to play but still drift straight. Expression through waves, voltage and changes. Ambitious perfectionism and attention to detail are reflected in his productions and gives insights into his viewings of the environment.

Now he returns with a nice and cosy EP, “Die kurze geschichte”, on Twin Town Production. The EP convinces with four unique productions full of melodies, technoid approaches and relaxed downtempo excursions. A well-done show of his skillset on a label with good taste for the special.

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